Meme BRILLIANTLY Exposes Obama’s Plan For The Supreme Court

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Now with Judge Scalia gone, a LOT hangs in the balance…Like your Bibles and your GUNS! Robert Gehl reports:

The Obama Administration budget request for 2017 contains billions in gun control funding.

More than $1.3 billion in extra funding goes to to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives for investigations and operations.

Most of this money is directly connected to Obama’s “executive orders” on gun control from last month. He said he plans to push funding in “smart gun” technology, add hundreds ATF agents and investigators and strengthen the background check system.

Under Obama’s new background check requirements, millions of Social Security recipients could have their firearms seized.

Of the hundreds of new federal ATF agents, The Hill is reporting, 200 will be focused on “reducing gun violence,” whatever that means. Another 230 will be employed to speed up the background check process for gun sales.

Last month, in a weepy announcement, Obama announced early January that he wasn’t particularly interested in Congress and was going to impose new gun control rules via executive fiat.

Among the rules – requiring background checks at gun shows being one of them – is the requirement that Social Security keep tabs on recipients’ finances. If they’re unable to manage their own benefits or display any sort of “incompetency,” unspecified “condition” or “disease,” they won’t be permitted to buy a gun.

Pushing “smart gun” technology is another veiled attempt at gun control. In New Jersey, lawmakers have passed a bill that requires gun stores to stop selling “traditional” guns as soon as a “smart gun” hits the consumer firearms market.