Meme Reveals Hard Truth About Democrats And Gun Violence

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Via Kimberly Morin:

They’ve created a new video that shows their intense ignorance about gun owners, especially white male gun owners.

The video shows a man acting in the most obnoxious way possible while hitting on a woman in a bar.

One of the first lines in the video is by ‘Gary’ the ‘gunsplainer’:

Name’s Gary, part-time cashier, full-time patriot

Because a part-time cashier can really afford firearms and ammo, especially the number of firearms these neanderthals have Gary concealed carrying while out at a bar.

Interesting that they are also misogynistic in this because it’s clear this woman ISN’T carrying. She is portrayed as military personnel but when asked by Gary if she’s carrying it seems she isn’t because she’s ‘on leave’ although she claims to be licensed and trained. Funny military personnel AREN’T ALLOWED to carry on bases or when they are on duty.

So instantly the sexist bigots at Everytown have the male gun owner carrying four firearms and talking about firearms right off the bat while the woman, supposedly licensed to carry, is unarmed.


The only people in the gun control fight who are condescending are the hoplophobic minion sheeple of Michael Bloomberg who has armed security for HIS family but wants to take away regular Americans’ rights to protect their OWN families.

They then go on in yet another gun control website that will surely fail as all of Bloomberg’s other gun control efforts have failed to perpetrate more myths about gun control.

First they claim women aren’t safe because there is a ‘boyfriend loophole.’ This is a lie. States send information to the feds when it comes to restraining orders. They do not differentiate the relationship of the people in their reporting. Yes, the background check form defines ‘intimate partner’ as married/divorced; parents of a child and or cohabitants/recent cohabitants but that’s not how it works in real life.


This does NOT leave single women exposed in their relationships as this site claims.

They ALSO make the following claim that is indeed an absolute lie:

The private sale loophole allows these jerks to simply go to a gun show or online to side-step a background check. WTF?

Both of these myths have been debunked over and over again. There is NO gun show loophole. FFL dealers participate in gun shows and they all require background checks.

There is also no internet loophole. If you order a firearm from the internet, they must send it to your local FFL dealer in order to conduct a background check.

And to top it all off, a person can serve up to 10 years in federal prison if they knowingly sell to a prohibited person.

NO law-abiding gun owner is going to risk 10 years in prison over a private sale.

If someone has a restraining order, they risk breaking another law by lying on the background check form if they are denied.

The only way someone like this would actually be able to get a firearm is to get one illegally and no law is going to stop that criminal behavior.

It’s reprehensible that Everytown and Singled Out have decided to not only portray law-abiding gun owners as idiots but they have done it in a sexist and misogynistic way. Their bigotry and hatred for gun owners is not only obvious but vile.

This is the first of a series that will continue to debunk the same lies billionaire hoplophobe Bloomberg puts out.