Miami International Airport In Chaos, Evacuated – Over A TOY!

The Miami International Airport was evacuated Saturday evening.

The evacuation of a portion of the Miami airport came after a “suspicious item” was found in the bathroom.

The Miami-Dade police bomb squad came to investigate and “safety protocols were activated and Terminal J was evacuated along with most of the north side of the airport.”

Hundreds upon hundreds of people were forced to evacuate because…of a toy.

According to Miami CBS Local News:

Passengers were asked to stay across the street as the bomb squad tried to figure out what the item was.

Ultimately officials realized it was a toy grenade they had found.

“It looked real enough for us to implement our safety procedures,” said Detective Lee Coward with Miami-Dade Police. “It was determined by the bomb squad and the K-9 units to be inert. It would be speculation at this point to determine whether it was a novelty item that perhaps a child left behind in the bathroom or whether someone meant something more malicious by that.”

Officials say operations are back to normal at MIA.

This is not the first time airport security has mistaken a toy for a bomb.

Take, for example, in March 2016, when an airport got shut down over dog toys. Yes, dog toys.

Peoria International Airport shut down for hours after a TSA agent discovered dynamite in one woman’s suitcase.

Authorities evacuated the airport and took the woman into custody. There was also a jar of liquid and an aerosol can in her luggage.

Are you confused yet? So were authorities. The three sticks of “dynamite” in question were actually dog toys. All we have to go on are the X-ray versions, but I assume the toys look something like this:

One would think authorities would have rounded up the pup for questioning, but, in an even more confusing turn, the toys didn’t even belong to a dog. It turns out that the woman works with health clinics to train them on identifying suspicious packages. She uses the dynamite dog toys as one of her props.

Who knew dog toys could look so authentic? I didn’t.

Despite her assertions, authorities still had a bomb robot open her luggage to make sure that the items were, in fact, toys. There’s no word on whether or not the robot played fetch with the sticks.

And, again, in 2004, an Australian airport was shut down as sex toys raised security’s suspicion:

The terminal at Mackay Airport in Queensland was evacuated, causing upheaval to flight schedules.

The suspect package was later identified as a vibrator-type “adult novelty device”. The incident was the latest in a string of false alerts regarding air security in Australia.

The alarm was raised by cafeteria manager Lynne Bryant, whose staff was cleaning the area near a bin where the package was found.

“It was rather disconcerting when the rubbish bin started humming furiously,” she said, Australian media reported.

“We called security and next minute everybody was being evacuated while they checked it out.”

Although airport security is a very real and serious issue, I hope these incidents brought a little chuckle to you today.

What is the craziest evacuation story you have heard of?