Michelle Obama Claims White House Built By Slaves; Here’s The FACTS


It’s time to stop griping about slavery. Yes, it was one of the worst things our nation has ever done, but many efforts have been made to rectify that.

Derrick Wilburn writes:

Smelling blood in the water resulting from the left’s constant picking at racism scabs the “America needs to pay for its racist/slavery past!” hucksters get louder by the day. These payday-seekers completely miss the point and leave out the most significant part of America’s slavery past. We ended it!

Earlier this year we learned of the United Nation’s demand that the United States pay reparations for its history of slavery.

This laughable organization which has removed the veil and now openly flaunts its hatred of America and Israel allowed a panel of its “human rights activists” to identify slavery as the root cause of the plight of African-Americans today.

That’s right, the reason black high school dropout rates are higher than national average is because some American states allowed slavery 160 years ago.

Mireille Fanon Mendes-France, Chairwoman of the panel, spoke at press conference and drew parallels between the police killings in the USA and lynchings.  “Contemporary police killings and the trauma it creates are reminiscent of the racial terror lynching’s in the past,” Mendes-France told reporters.

Last week we learned that America’s national parks are inherently racist because they’re filled with trees. Mickey Fearn, a deputy director in Obama’s National Park Service claimed black people don’t visit national parks because we associate the trees in them with slaves being lynched by their masters.

This prompted Alcee Hastings (D-Florida) to demand increased “inclusiveness” at national parks claiming, “African-Americans have felt unwelcome and even fearful in federal parklands during our nation’s history because of the horrors of lynching.”

We’re talking about TREES here.

True slavery was once legal in America, but it’s long gone. Why? The reason slavery no longer exists in our nation is the other side of the slavery story. The side Congressman Hastings et. al. don’t like to tell.

Before becoming the United States of America we were colonies of a nation ruled by a king who was earning a mint via involvement in the slave trade. His empire, influence and fortune were immense as a result of peddling human beings. His edict to the colonists was “England is a slave nation, therefore YOU will be a slave colony. Period. Like it or die.”

For that edict and others the colonists revolted and won a war. Once the English were kicked out of here some colonists –all of them WHITE—said, “No! No human being should own another. We must end this practice. It is morally wrong and we don’t want it in our nation! Period. Like it or die.”

And die they did.

Though the number killed and wounded in the Civil War is not known precisely, according to history.com (and most other sources agree) the total number killed was between 640,000 and 700,000.

Union Civil War Casualties

Combat Deaths: Over 110,000

Other Deaths*: Over 250,000

Confederate Civil War Casualties

Combat Deaths: Over 95,000

Other Deaths*: Over 165,000

*Other Deaths include, among others: disease (by far the most common cause of death), accidents, drowning, heat stroke, suicide, murder, execution.

Civil War Casualties: The Bloodiest Battles

Battle Of Gettysburg: Over 50,000 casualties

Seven Days Battle: Over 35,000 casualties

Battle Of Chickamauga: Over 34,000 casualties

Battle Of Chancellorsville: Over 29,000 casualties

Battle Of The Wilderness: Over 24,000 casualties

Battle Of Antietam: Over 22,000 casualties

Second Battle Of Bull Run: Over 24,000 casualties

Battle Of Shiloh: Over 23,000 casualties

Battle Of Fredericksburg: Over 18,000 casualties

Cold Harbor: Over 18,000 casualties

Get it?

Somewhere north of SIX HUNDRED THOUSAND white people gave their lives in a war to free black slaves. Not because they were racists, because they were moralists. They recognized the right of all men to freedom and liberty, regardless of skin color.

And so to win the freedom, liberty and right to pursue happiness of black slaves they did not know, would never meet, who lived in states thousands of miles away in a day when a covered wagon was the most luxurious form of transportation, they gave their lives. They fought, were stabbed, shot, died of disease and infections we cure today with a pill. They went to war in conditions we’d consider barbaric to live in alone engage in hand-to-hand warfare, all to secure the freedom of Africans-in-America.

This too is the history of America. A nation founded by white people who recognized the evil of slavery and stamped it out, wiped it completely out of our country in just a little over 150 years. Find another nation on earth that can say that.

Instead of being angry with and cursing this nation, every morning we awaken we should drop to our knees and kiss the very ground we stand on for being born into and a citizen of the United States of America.

white house built by slaves bye

Yes, America has a racist past. But if slavery is the only half of the story you know, acknowledge, dwell on or think exists you’re missing the other half. The most important half.