Michigan Court Rules That Women Must Accept Men In Their Locker Rooms

If you’re a transgender (or, insert one of 2,319 gender options here), Planet Fitness is the place for you.

A woman in Michigan sued Planet Fitness for their policy of allowing their patrons to use whichever locker room they choose based on their “gender identity.” Yvette M. Cormier found a biological male, identifying as a woman, using the women’s locker room, and proceeded to warn other women gym-goers about the situation.

Planet Fitness then terminated her membership for issuing such warnings, as it violates the company’s standards, the Daily Wire is reporting.

The ruling came down last Friday in the Michigan Court of Appeals. The court held in a 3-0 decision that the club did nothing illegal in revoking her membership, according to CBS Detroit. The court stated, in their opinion:

“According to plaintiff, because of defendants’ policy, the transgender man had the opportunity to undress in front of her and to see her undress which, she maintains, is conduct or communication of a sexual nature. However, the CRA does not define sexual harassment as being subjected to an opportunity for a person to engage in verbal or physical conduct or communication of a sexual nature. Rather the CRA requires that the sexual conduct or communication substantially interfered with the plaintiff’s utilization of public accommodations.”

In other words, because the transgender woman (man) was not stripped naked showing… whatever is there… that Cormier did not suffer from any violation.

The court additionally stated that she did not suffer emotional distress as a matter of law (she sued the gym in part for emotional damages).

“Transgender rights and policies are polarizing issues and each individual may have a feeling on the issue and on what locker room such individuals should be using,” it reads. “Regardless of whether an average member of the community may find the policy outrageous, the fact is that plaintiff did not suffer severe emotional distress as a matter of law.”

Nevermind the fact that she felt compelled to warn other women about a man that was in the ladies’ locker room, and did so to the point of being removed from the gym. Does that not display some type of distress?

And since when does law matter in transgender hysteria? If we’re going to ignore science about chromosomes and DNA, why are we choosing to follow some words strung together on paper by people we send to a capital to “serve” us?

Cormier plans to appeal up to the Michigan Supreme Court. Her attorney disagrees with the appeals court’s interpretation of Michigan’s Civil Rights Act (CRA).

But Civil Rights Act aside, how about sense? Can we not enable perverts and rapists to have easy access to women and children while they are in a vulnerable place such as a locker room? Is that too much to ask?

Leftists will dance on the graves of children to tout the need to destroy our right of self-defense, but they will also force women and children to sacrifice their dignity on the sanctimonious idea that biological men should be able to go wherever they want and the comfort and safety of our women and children just be damned.

This case is yet another example of our justice system bowing down before the idol of “gender identity,” which will use anything and everything to expand the influence of the State over our lives, and destroy anything related to the good that is the natural family structure.

The real violation here is not that the club revoked her membership, it’s that they have a policy that panders to mentally ill people (and consequently provides an avenue for perverts as well), and puts the safety of women and children at risk. Though nothing in this case happened (that is, she was not physically violated), there are many other cases where perverts have taken advantage of this.

Men and women belong in different restrooms and locker rooms, plain and simple. The fact that this is such a controversial position shows just how far off the deep end our society has gone. And it will likely only get worse.