This Might Be The Most Hilarious Hillary Clinton Meme Of ALL TIME!

Seth Connell reports that they will do anything to politicize national tragedies; they will resort to anything no matter how fallacious, irrelevant, disrespectful, condescending, arrogant, and Orwellian. The rabid Leftists will do whatever they can to squeeze as much blood from a crisis as possible. Hillary Clinton’s most recent ramblings are the epitome of that morally reprehensible strategy.

The bodies of 58 or more people were hardly cold when Hillary Clinton decided to take to her social media to play the blame game, and make the horrendous tragedy about politics. She should trademark this tactic.

On Monday morning, she posted several tweets following the mass attack.

If she stopped there, that would have been a legitimate response. Please let things settle down before having any sort of political debate about the issue, if anything out of respect for those who were killed or injured in the attack.

But no, this is Hillary Clinton we’re talking about, and she jut can’t help but exploit the dead and suffering for her own gain. In a blatant example of Orwellian-doublespeak, she said that we should not make this tragedy about politics, but literally just a few words later that is exactly what she did.

(Nevermind the fact that suppressors lower the decibel level low enough so that one’s eardrums will not burst upon firing. The shots will still be very, very clear and easily heard. Did she also not consider the fact that people were being shot from an unknown direction, and that a suppressor would not have made a difference in that? Of course she didn’t, this is Ivory-Tower Hillary Clinton we’re talking about here!).

You just can’t make this stuff up! She literally said let’s not make this about politics, then made it an explicitly political issue.

But here’s how the Left claims to maintain the moral high ground in the midst of this: they say “it’s not a political issue, it’s health and safety!”

Except, that’s a bold-faced lie. Anything involving legislation, especially legislation surrounding our right to self defense, is by definition a political issue. As soon as they start saying “we need to do something…” the non-political nature of the subject ceases to exist.

#Guncontrolnow is one of the top trends on Twitter. The issue is already political, and the bodies are not even cold yet. They just can’t resist the urge to poison the situation with divisive political rhetoric and blame-games, standing on the bodies of the victims.

Is waiting just a day or two while information is gathered too much to ask? For the Left, the unequivocal answer in every single situation is a resounding YES.

H/T The Washington Free Beacon