Mike Rowe Destroys The “All The Good Jobs Are Gone” Myth

Mike Rowe There Are No Good Jobs Myth

Many Americans, particularly young ones, complain about a lack of “good jobs,” but according to legendary entrepreneur Mike Rowe, the country is teeming with jobs — but nobody wants to work them.


“As long as Americans remain addicted to affordable electricity, smooth roads, indoor plumbing and climate control, the opportunities in the skilled trades will never go away,” Rowe wrote on Facebook this Monday, making the case that there are currently 2.1 unfilled skilled-labor positions available for men and women who are willing to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty.

“But if we don’t do something to reinvigorate the trades, and make a persuasive case for good jobs that actually exist,” he continued, “I’m afraid the metaphorical crap in my literal toilet will never go away, and millions of great opportunities will go down the drain.”


The part about making “a persuasive case for good jobs” seemed especially meaningful, as we got millions upon millions of young adults who would rather demand free tuition — or even a guaranteed income — than pursue a skilled-labor job.

Unfortunately, the skilled trades are no longer aspirational in these United States. In a society that’s convinced a four-year degree is the best path for the most people, a whole category of good jobs have been relegated to some sort of “vocational consolation prize.”

Read his full diatribe below:

Mike Rowe Post


Everybody must crawl before they walk, but kids these days want to fly on a figurative jet instead and earn the types of perks and benefits that some men and women spend decades accruing.

Blame it on entitlement, bad parenting or a screwed-up culture. Either way, any urchins complaining about a lack of “good jobs” need to pull their heads out their butts and take a sniff of reality.

Better yet, they ought to roll up their sleeves, pick up a toolbox and get to work, because the truth is that there are millions of jobs waiting for them out there in the real world!

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