Military Warns of Armed And Dangerous’ Former Lt Col With “Homicidal Intentions”

Officials at Fort Bragg have released a warning concerning a former Army officer whom they describe as “armed and dangerous.”

Anna M. Heres, 50, was an Army lieutenant colonel who was recently “separated from the military against her will” according to fliers posted around Fort Bragg on Thursday. Picture of Heres and her car were posted on the flier.

Officials warned that Heres could attempt to enter the base after expressing “homicidal intentions.”

The fliers posted at Fort Bragg were headed with block letters highlighted in red reading “Be On The Lookout.”

Task and Purpose reports:

Heres was “recently separated from the military against her will and expressed homicidal intentions as an active shooter against Womack (Army Medical Center) and (Warrior Transition Battalion) staff,” according to the flier.

Heres is reportedly a former New York State Corrections officer and is “familiar with weapons.”

Heres is banned from the military installation, “but may seek entry through deceptive means and has done so in the past year.”

Heres is described as a black female, about 5 feet, 4 inches tall, about 120 pounds with black hair and brown eyes. She may be driving a silver 2009 BMW 328i with a New York license plate that reads “FZK-5156.”

According to WRAL, Fort Bragg officials do not believe that Heres is a threat to the general public, but want to be sure to “warn access control guards to make sure that Heres does not return to Fort Bragg.”

The flier warns that Heres has made active shooter threats and might lie to attempt to get back into Fort Bragg.

Officials said the BOLO alert was issued to warn access control guards to make sure Heres does not return to Fort Bragg. Officials said they know where Heres is but could not discuss it.

The flier further instructs anyone who spots Heres at Fort Bragg to immediately contact emergency services.

According to several reports, Fort Bragg officials are aware of Heres’s current whereabouts, but have refused to publicly disclose them due to privacy concerns.

CBS News North Carolina says Heres targeted staff at the Fort Bragg army hospital. Thomas D. McCollum, a Fort Bragg spokesperson, says that Heres shouldn’t be considered a threat to the public at large.

“Fort Bragg officials are aware of her current location,” McCollum said in a statement. “Becase Heres’ threats were made to certain individuals [we] do not believe she poses a threat to the general public.”

According to McCollum, Heres doesn’t pose a threat to Fort Bragg as a whole.

According to CBS News, local law enforcement is aware of the issue but also insists that the warning is only for Fort Bragg.

Recent mass shootings have much of the public on high alert, and Fort Bragg is obviously not taking any threats lightly.

Officials have not yet released any specifics on exactly who Heres threatened. Banned from Fort Braggs, anyone who sees Heres at the location should “not attempt to subdue” according to the poster. The Provost Marshal’s Office should be informed, the flier continues, by calling 911.