MN High School BANS American Flag; Then Students Took Action

Rocori High School in Cold Spring, Minnesota, has reversed its ban on American flags in parking lots in the wake of a student protest.

Rocori High School students were displaying the Confederate flag on their vehicles last spring, and in response, the high school banned all flags from its parking lot — Stars & Stripes and Stars & Bars alike.

The school’s student handbook read that “Students are not allowed to display flags or banners from their vehicle while parked in the Rocori High School parking lot.”

That’s right. Simply flying the American flag was decided to be too edgy for the school parking lot.

“It’s America,” one student told Fox & Friends. “How can we not fly the American flag on our own trucks if we want? It just doesn’t seem right.”

Of course it wasn’t right.

Sensitive students who think the American flag is offensive need to stay in school and keep learning.

For those students who already get it, a ban to protect the ignorant from a symbol of their own free country is just ridiculous.

In response, students staged a protest, gathering in the school parking lot and proudly flying the American flag on their trucks and cars.

Many community members expressed their support for the students, who thought it was inappropriate for a school to ban the American flag from its premises.

Superintendent Scott Staska said “the protest today was done very positively, very appropriately.”

In the end, Rocori High School decided to reverse their decision.

The Rocori School District’s Facebook page stated:

Students and school leaders fully agreed that celebration of our nation is desired but disrespect is not acceptable or desired. The conversations encouraged productive and meaningful ways to allow students to display the American flag while still protecting all students from potentially threatening or negative displays of other flags on vehicles.

The statement continues:

The goal of the conversations between RHS administrators and students has been to work out appropriate, positive and respectful solutions—balancing the interests and rights of all students who attend the ROCORI School District. The entire situation has helped raise awareness about the meaning and power of symbols, the effects symbols have on other people, and to encourage and promote respectful approaches to all members of the school community.

You can watch the Fox & Friend report on the protest below:

Fox Insider reports:

Approximately 30 students and parents gathered at the Rocori High School parking lot Wednesday afternoon, proudly flying American flags on their cars and trucks […]

After the demonstration, the school agreed to allow American flags, but it won’t allow other flags that might cause other students to feel “threatened, uncomfortable or unsafe.”

Superintendent Scott Staska said the protest was very respectful, well-organized and positive.

“If you could have a protest, you would want one like what the students did today,” Staska said.

When it became clear that the community was outraged upon learning about the ban, things changed at Rocori High School.

Finally, it’s worth noting that students who participated in the protest will not be disciplined for taking part.