Mo Brooks Blames Imbalance Of Power In The Senate For Democrats Obstruction

Alabama’s Mo Brooks knows what’s really wrong in Washington: Democrats.

Speaking with Maria Bartiromo at Fox News, the Alabama Congressman explained what’s really going to happen to the health care reform bill in the Senate, now that it’s passed the House.

The minority party – especially in the Senate – simply are given too much power. Watch:

REP. MO BROOKS: I am telling you that in my judgement, in the Senate, a majority of the Republicans has empowered the minority, the Democrats, to block every single thing we want to get passed, with the exception of one bill a year — through a process called budget reconciliation. That cannot cover all the things that need to be covered.

“That very much hamstrings us.

“It has been a frustration point for the House of Representatives through the entire last session of Congress, the last two years. And here we are again seeing the same thing unfolding where the U.S. Senate is allowing the minority of Democrats to block the will of the president, to block the will of the majority of the House, to block the will of the majority of the Senate, to block the will of the American voters who sent us there.

“The American voters need to get on the Senate, they need to get their rules changed so they can adequately address these very important problems we all as a country face…

“I’ll be mildly surprised if we are able to get through the Senate the legislation that we promised the American people that we would pass.

“I’m confident the House will do its work, but I am not so confident with respect to the Senate, given their past history. And that history is to be where good legislation goes to die.

“Allowing a minority of voices to dictate policy and whether or not we go forward is not productive or wise.”

H/T: RealClearPolitics