Moose Hunter Blasts Critics on Facebook Page – “Please Keep The HATE Coming!”

Hunters are not one of the Left’s favorite people (is anyone non-left wing?), and almost any time an avid hunter posts pictures of a catch online, crazed leftists will instantly pounce and go on the attack. Jessica Gray has learned that lesson personally, but she’s using it to her advantage instead of backing down.

Back on September 19, she posted on her Facebook page more than a dozen picture from a recent hunting trip. She and her partner found and killed a massive moose and posted the pictures online.

The main picture garnered the most hatred.

When she posted the pictures, she instantly got attacked by the Left (who, by the way, continuously show more concern for the lives of animals than the lives of human beings inside the womb).

“That poor, beautiful animal is now deceased because you want to have it’s horns on your wall… horrible. Poor animal did nothing to deserve being murdered. And look how happy you two look kneeling over it’s dead body… god”

“you are both disgusting! I hope you are still there and I hope an animal attacks n kills you both! Someone should then mount your heads over their fireplaces.”

“you and your cunt husband will hopefully find the same end this poor animal did! You are both trash!”

Gotta love the left-wing tolerance and acceptance! These hypocrites wouldn’t recognize the irony if it tore them limb from limb and sucked their brains out with a vacuum!

News outlets got a hold of the controversy as time progressed. She continued to get left-wing hate mail, but rather than capitulate to their hatred, she actually used it as a boost for herself.

Several weeks after the picture was first posted, she commented on the post thanking her haters, but also revealing just how shocking the threats against her have been:

I just wanted to take a second and say THANK YOU! Thank you for the amount of HATE and death threats you have all sent my way. It has created quite the media stir bringing this to a National Platform where I have media, newspaper, huntings blogs, radio stations and women’s rights groups contacting me to be spokesperson and sponsorships from it! Please keep the HATE coming! Two days ago I was a passionate small town hunter and today I have multiple new sponsors and hunts lined up across the country.

To begin, allow me to clear up some misconceptions and outright false accusations some have directed towards me concerning our recent hunt in Alaska.

I was raised with a deep respect, appreciation and love for all animals, and have raised and cared for many in my lifetime, as did my parents and as are my children…

Since returning from our hunt in Alaska and the many responses on social media, my family and I have been ambushed continually with threats, even death threats and called the most disgusting and filthy and evil names.

This has been a clear illustration of just how disconnected from reality and uneducated some people are when it comes to hunting, hunters and the environment. I would challenge any of those who have launched the barrage of hate and criminal threats towards my family, my children and me personally; I challenge them to actually educate themselves on the law, on the environmental impact that controlled lawful hunting provides, and to learn the difference between humans and animals… Accusing someone of murder when they hunt an animal is like accusing jet pilots of global warming… it’s intellectually irresponsible and brings light to the greater issue, mental illness of those who make such ignorant claims… Likely the same who condemn the legal taking of wild animals are supporters of the millions of abortions performed at the baby killing clinics in the name of womens health?

This hypocritically driven hate towards hunting is deep rooted in a more troubling issue, the realistic perspective some have on life as a whole… So go hug a tree, heck, even name it and marry it if you like, but don’t spit your vile and perverse and ignorant threats at law abiding hunters who are responsible and caretakers of the planet and provide clean, lean and unpolluted fresh food for their families…

In a further statement to Yahoo News, she stated that the response was particularly saddening after the tragic attack in Las Vegas.

“I find it unfortunate that the day after we as a nation suffer the greatest loss of human life in the tragic Las Vegas shooting; that instead of coming together as a nation to preserve and honor the sanctity of human life, I have received hundreds of death threats from the anti-hunting community,” Grays stated.

Indeed, how saddening it is to see so many death threats after the attack. At a time when we should be in a state of mourning and solidarity, some are apparently too busy threatening further harm to honor the lost. It seems that’s becoming par for the course with the Left’s worst these days.