MSNBC Just Asked Rick Perry The Most INSULTING Question; Watch How He Handles It!

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MSNBC showed their bias once again after reporter Kasie Hunt asked Texas Governor Rick Perry a very insulting question, one they would never ask a Democrat “are you smart enough to be president of the United States?” Watch how he handles it with class.

Via BizPac Review:

I think over the course of the last two years, people, they realize that what they saw in 2011 is certainly not the person they’re looking at in 2013, 2014, 2015,” Perry said.

“And are you smart enough to be president of the United States?” Hunt asked.

In my opinion Gov. Perry handled the question well, saying “running for the presidency is not an IQ test.”

The left seems to have this meme that Rick Perry is not that smart, just like they did for George W. Bush. Let’s compare Rick Perry’s accomplishments to the smartest man alive according to the left, Barack Obama.

Texas has a booming economy and has created more than half the jobs in America since 2009. Businesses around the country are flocking to Texas because of it’s pro business climate. In Texas 44 percent of Hispanic voters voted Republican in the last election.

Can anyone name one major thing that has been positive for America, other than being the first black president, that Barack Obama has accomplished?