MSNBC Memorial Day Headline Appears To Mock Fallen Military Veterans

As President Trump participated in ceremonies to honor the fallen soldiers of this country, the ever-hysterical mainstream media nimrods just could not help but mock the dead on Memorial Day.

MSNBC ran a story about how the President honored fallen soldiers for Memorial Day, but their headline for the story showed a rather condescending attitude towards fallen soldiers.

The headline reads “Trump honors military ‘heroes’ on Memorial Day.” Notice that the word heroes is in quotation marks. Why?

As of the time of this publication, it appears that MSNBC has taken down the article from their site.

NBC News maintained the story, but the headline was altered and currently reads “President Trump Pays Memorial Day Tribute at Tomb of Unknown Soldier.”

In the story, the author notes that the President made clear that these fallen soldiers are heroes, but the question is why was the word “heroes” in quotation marks in the first place?

It’s not merely something that is the controversial opinion of President Trump; this view of fallen soldiers is held by tens of millions of Americans, if not more. These brave soldiers were sent overseas and died fighting hostile enemies abroad.

And the designation of hero needs to be in quotation marks? Give me a break.

Now, I’m not one to glorify the military, but I will definitely say that those who join the armed forces are very special people, and they deserve recognition for their service. Especially when those who voluntarily joined are killed in combat, they do deserve honor for that sacrifice.

Apparently, the NBC network deemed it more appropriate to put quotation marks in their reporting, and then later took it down and altered their headline (for some unknown reason). At least their modified headline is better than the original, though an attitude change is something we can never be sure of (or really count on).