Muhammad Ali Was A Muslim, But You’d Never Know From ‘Deliberate Scrubbed’ Social Media Accounts

The “greatest of all time” needs his image polished up a bit.

What needs to be removed (or what has already been removed) from his reputation? His steadfast Islamic faith.

According to one website:

If you were just learning about Muhammad Ali aka Cassius Clay, you’d know he was a devout humanitarian, a civil rights activist an Olympic gold medalist and was “The Greatest of All Time.” Moreover, according to History, Ali had Irish roots. However, there’s one notable fact that may escape your fresh knowledge of the boxing legend: Ali was a Muslim and cherished his faith more than patriotism and the color of his skin.

Recent efforts have been made to detach Muhammad Ali from his Muslim faith.

Buzzfeed News questioned “whether a company ‘scrubbed’ Muhammad Ali’s ‘unapologetic’ ties to the Muslim religion” as “a visit to Ali’s social media feeds…showed they are ‘conspicuously’ void of any connection to Islam.”

One expert on Islamic affairs said “companies that market Muhammad Ali’s novelties and collectibles likely view his doctrine as an ‘inconvenient fact,’ something that doesn’t fit the marketing fold for profit.”

At the center of the swelling controversy is Authentic Brands Group (or ABG), the owner of the Ali brand. In 2013, the licensing company purchased the rights to Muhammad Ali’s intellectual property. In short, it owns a bounty of authentic property with commercial value tied to Muhammad Ali’s name.

National spokesperson for Ahmadiyya Muslims Harris Zafar “accused groups like ABG of ‘whitewashing’ Muhammad Ali, the Muslim.”

Zafar stated, “He was Muslim, and he was an American hero. He was black, and he was an American hero. That’s how you honor him, not by erasing those traits of his.”

But businessmen will polish Ali’s image whatever way they need to get profit.