Muslim Rape Arrives In North America


A Muslim migrant who raped dozens of teenaged girls was was convicted of 24 counts of sexual assault and extortion.

This is what happens when Radical Islamic sensibilities collide with the west. And you’ll never hear about in the mainstream media.

33-year-old Walid Mustafa Chalhoub plead guilty to drugging, raping, filming and extorting at least 24 women in Montreal, The Rebel is reporting. He would find white, teenaged girls, get them drunk and high, have sex with them and film it. Then he would threaten to expose them unless they paid him more money or continued to have sex with him.

One 16-year-old victim testified: “He said he could set my house on fire, to think of my family, that he was part of the Mafia.”

He was sentenced to 11 years in prison. The Montreal Gazette reports:

The guilty pleas apply to all 10 of the victims that Chalhoub was accused of abusing. He sexually abused eight teenage girls after they were lured to his apartment on the promise they’d make easy money for unspecified work. The girls, between the ages of 15 and 17, signed the vague contracts but were quickly informed, by Chalhoub that the agreements called for them to have sex with him or they’d have to pay a penalty — for example $3,500. He was also charged with threatening a 16-year-old girl who refused to have sex with him and with sexually assaulting an 18-year-old woman he had dated for a while.

Prosecutor Rachelle Pitre told reporters she was satisfied with the 11-year sentence even though she had recommended a 12-year prison term. While delivering the sentence, Quebec Court Judge Serge Boisvert said the victims “were still children” when Chalhoub abused them and warned him that if he returned to court in a similar case in the future he might end up with an indeterminate prison term.

Pitre said with the conviction, and lengthy prison term, the federal government is now expected to seek to have Chalhoub deported. According to court records, Chalhoub, a citizen of Côte d’Ivoire, has resided in Canada since at least 2007 but never became a Canadian citizen.

Under Islamic code, rapists are given more protection than victims. Under Sharia law, not only would Chalhoub likely be walking free, but his 24 accusers would be subject tohonor killings.”