MUST WATCH VIDEO: The Ugly Truth about Hillary Clinton’s Criminal Career

Democratic Candidates Attend New Hampshire Democratic Party Convention

Hillary Clinton has been involved in so many investigations and scandals that people forget more than they can remember.

A new video has been published today that goes through Hillary Clinton’s very long criminal career.

How many of these outrageous scandals do you remember?

Here are some screenshots from the video. Every single one of these statements is on the record. There is no ‘vast Right Wing conspiracy,’ there is only Hillary Clinton’s horrific and very, very long career as a criminal.

Hillary Clinton’s corruption has literally cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars. She has lied, stolen, cheated and abused her power for decades.

Had ANY regular American committed or been accused of the crimes Clinton was, he or she would be in prison, and not running for President.

Hillary Clinton is, by far, THE MOST corrupt politician in the history of United States politics.













Kimberly Morin

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Kimberly Morin has been writing about politics since early 2009. She began writing as the Boston Conservative Independent Examiner and has since moved to the 'Live Free or Die' state of New Hampshire where she is the editor of NH Political Buzz and anchor of the weekly 'Politically Buzzed' segment on Girard at Large. She's also a weekly guest on nationally syndicated 'Real Side with Joe Messina.'



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