Mysterious Odor Drifts Into Ohio – And The Experts Are BAFFLED…

Do you smell what I smell?

Said the Ohio boy to his brother Will…

Do you smell what I smell?

A smell, a gas, fogging in the night.

Yes, this is the new Christmas song of Ohio. Because, well, it smells.

According to the Canton Repository:

A possible natural gas odor hung over parts of Canton and northern Stark County on Wednesday, prompting dozens of calls from concerned residents and puzzling investigators trying to pinpoint the cause.

Dominion Energy Ohio technicians and city Fire Department personnel were not able to find any gas leaks.

“We received numerous calls and have field technicians out trying to track this down,” Neil Durbin, spokesman for Dominion Energy Ohio, said Wednesday evening. “So far, we have not been able to confirm it is natural gas. We know it is something. But we can’t pinpoint it is natural gas.”

We know it is something?

Really? That’s your response?

That sounds more like a long car ride when someone is trying to pass off their gas as fumes from the power plant, or that skunk no one else saw on the side of the road.

Dominion Energy Ohio started receiving notices around 5:45 p.m. Wednesday. Durbin refereed to it as an “airborne-odor complaint,” meaning it was outside rather than inside a building.

The gas-like odor was noticeable in the downtown area late Wednesday afternoon and early evening.

“We had multiple calls come in,” said Battalion Chief Jeff Magee of the city Fire Department. “Some people smelled it inside their homes. We went to investigate. There were more people outside that were noticing it than inside. There was nothing we could find. Even though you could smell it, we couldn’t pick it up on our monitors.”

Reports of the odor eventually spread to Plain Township, Jackson Township North Canton and into Green. There also were reports of a natural-gas odor Tuesday evening, according to Magee.

“It seemed like the call volume moved throughout the city,” Magee said. “It started in the south end of Canton. You could tell by the way the calls came in, it moved north.”

Days passed and officials still could not figure out what the smell was…or where it was coming from.

Dominion Energy Ohio investigated nearly 100 airborne odor complaints Wednesday evening. About 80 of the calls came from central Canton and another 20 calls were from north of the city extending toward Green. The calls started around 5:45 p.m. on Wednesday.

Similar calls about a natural gas odor came in at about 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday in the area of 25th Street and Fulton Road NW. Canton firefighters investigated but couldn’t find a source for the odor.

Air pollution control meters monitored by the Canton City Health Department didn’t record any unusual readings on either evening, officials said.

In other words, no one is willing to claim the gas was theirs…

It’s like a smelly car trip that will never end.

So, if you’re traveling this holiday season…make sure to avoid Northeastern Ohio.

You can thank me later.