Nails It: Liberal Hypocrisy on Racism And Donald Trump BRUTALLY Exposed

Regan Pifer reports that these are some of her favorite pasttimes: backgammon, brewing craft beer, and watching Liberals lose their minds.

Lucky for me, the latter is happening.

Oh yeah. They cannot believe what President Donald Trump is doing to the judiciary.

The ruling is in–this is really amazing. Both what he is doing…and how Liberals are reacting.

According to The New York Times (and their usual conspiratorial tone) they reported that in January of 2017, days before his inauguration, Trump met with his White House counsel” and “filled a white board with a secret battle plan to fill the federal appeals courts with young and deeply conservative judges.”

Juicy stuff, folks!

Mr. McGahn, instructed by Mr. Trump to maximize the opportunity to reshape the judiciary, mapped out potential nominees and a strategy, according to two people familiar with the effort: Start by filling vacancies on appeals courts with multiple openings and where Democratic senators up for re-election next year in states won by Mr. Trump — like Indiana, Michigan and Pennsylvania — could be pressured not to block his nominees. And to speed them through confirmation, avoid clogging the Senate with too many nominees for the district courts, where legal philosophy is less crucial.

Wow. Trump is trying to correct the damage liberals have caused by activist benches across the country! And he is following the Constitution, the law.

His plan is coming to fruition. How dare him!

This is, indeed, a historic moment.

Nearly a year later, that plan is coming to fruition. Mr. Trump has already appointed eight appellate judges, the most this early in a presidency since Richard M. Nixon, and on Thursday, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted along party lines to send a ninth appellate nominee — Mr. Trump’s deputy White House counsel, Gregory Katsas — to the floor.

Bi-partisan politics have increased in destructive volatility over the past two decades. But, of course with the Trump Presidency, it is a horse of an entirely different color.

While the two parties have been engaged in a tit-for-tat escalation of hardball politics over judicial nominations since the Reagan years, the Trump administration is completing a fundamental transformation of the enterprise.

And the consequences may go beyond his chance to leave an outsize stamp on the judiciary. When Democrats regain power, if they follow the same playbook and systematically appoint outspoken liberal judges, the appeals courts will end up as ideologically split as Congress is today.

He has promised, and has lived up to said campaign promise, of filling the court benches with conservative judges–recommended by The Heritage Foundation and Federalist Society.

According to The Times, those who voted for Trump because of the Supreme Court openings is what secured his narrow-margin victory.

Thus, he wants to make sure reward those voters.

There is great opportunity for Trump as he is “the first Republican president whose nominees can be confirmed by simple-majority votes” and a large number of vacancies to fill with an aging Supreme Court.

All this is is Republicans benefitting from the new rules, laws, and standards liberals passed to expand their federal power. Now, they’re paying for it.

Sounds like liberals have been overruled–wouldn’t you say?