Navy Vet REFUSES Award From New Orleans Saints Over Protests; Details…

Kneeling before the American flag during the National Anthem has become as synonymous with the National Football League as overweight men with shirts off and painted bellies.

Football players suggest kneeling before the flag isn’t disrespectful to our country or those in the armed services, but there have been several examples that suggest this isn’t true.

No, the country isn’t speaking up … but veterans and families of fallen soldiers are.

Take, for example, the die-hard Denver Broncos fan who left the game when players knelt before the American flag.

That man was the stepfather of a fallen soldier. Before he left the game (which had yet to start), he placed a picture of his stepson and a folded American flag in the stadium.

Why? To remind those football players that freedom is not free. That soldiers have died to protect the freedom you take for granted.

And in an even more recent example, one disabled Navy veteran would not receive an award and recognition from the New Orleans Saints because of their flag protests.

According to Fox News:

A disabled Navy veteran said Wednesday he declined to accept an award at a New Orleans Saints game due to the controversy over players protesting during the national anthem.

The Saints organization was going to honor retired Cmdr. John Wells, the executive director of Military Veterans Advocacy, with the Peoples Health Champion award during last week’s game in New Orleans, according to The Advocate.

He told the organization he was unable to accept the award at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome because of the anthem protests. Saints players have been seen kneeling before the anthem and some continue during the national anthem.

“Although I am touched and honored to be selected for such an award, the ongoing controversy with NFL players’ disrespect for the national flag forces me to decline to participate in the presentation,” Wells said. “I am unable, in good conscience, to enter an NFL stadium while this discourtesy prevails. Since this award is tainted with the dishonorable actions of the NFL and its players, I cannot accept it.”

Disrespect. Dishonorable. Discourtesy.

Families of fallen soldiers, veterans, and veterans’ advocates agree that the actions of the New Orleans Saints and  the National Football League are disrespectful.

Wells served twenty two years in the Navy and is now an attorney in New Orleans.

The Saints released a statement that they were disappointed Wells would not receive the award.

Throughout Mr. Wells’ media appearances today, he has stated he no longer supports NFL football. That is unfortunate and disappointing considering the New Orleans Saints’ unwavering 50-plus year commitment to honor, support and recognize our servicemen and women and veterans. We will not allow Mr. Wells’ decision and subsequent media appearances to distract our players and organization from continuing to honor and support our military and veterans. We, as an organization, have decided to move on from this sad and divisive discourse and focus our attention on supporting our military and veterans. In lieu of honoring Mr. Wells, we will use the time allotted for the Peoples Health Champion Award to highlight non-political military advocacy programs and encourage our fans and community to join us in contributing to these groups who directly support our military and veterans.

Ah. This is good.

Mr. Wells’ lack of support is “unfortunate and disappointing”?

His lack of supporting pigskin? Worshipping professional football players?

I think what is more disappointing is the New Orleans Saints not supporting and respecting our military men and women.

Who cares about the National Football League?

And Wells’ actions are “sad and divisive”?

Stop kneeling. Just stop kneeling.

Unbelievable. What do you think?