Actor Calls Out Trump Supporter For So-Called ‘Nazi Pin’ On CNN – Just One Problem

Don Cheadle is one hell of an actor … as for his musings on Twittermeh.

He took to Twitter on Friday to post a video of CNN guest and Trump supporter Ed Martin wearing a lapel pin. To Cheadle, the pin meant the speaker was a Nazi.

So here’s a close-up of the pin that Martin was wearing:

They’re not exactly the same thing. The pin, in fact, was designed by Phyllis Schlafly in 1972 for her Eagle Forum – a conservative pro-family group. Here’s the group’s logo:

And here’s a pic of the pin:

Of course, dozens of countries use eagles in their symbolic imagery. To instantly equate what appeared to be an eagle on the lapel of a Trump supporter with Nazism is the height of leftist idiocy. Just for reference, here’s a pic of an actual Nazi lapel pin:

Even nuttier? When folks told him that it wasn’t a “Nazi Eagle” pin, his fans doubled down, congratulating Cheadle for being vigilant.

“Vigilance is an asset in this era even if it produces some uneasy interactions,” one person wrote.

If “uneasy interactions” means being a complete idiot, Mr. Cheadle did that just fine.