Netanyahu Just Called Out CNN And Others For FAKE NEWS

We have been saying for some time that CNN is the greatest source of Fake News.

Though CNN allegedly stands for Cable News Network, I’ve found these acronyms are a bit more accurate: “Crap Not News,” “Clinton News Network,” or “Censored News Now.”

A world leader confirms our belief of CNN. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, according to The Right Scoop, has called out several media outlets recently, including “CNN, the NY Times, the Guardian and Al Jazeera), in a new video and chastised these outlets for “pushing fake news about the new Hamas charter accepting the state of Israel.” That never happened. Don’t be fooled.

Netanyahu points out that what the media is suggesting about the new charter of Hamas accepting a smaller Palestinian state and thus an Israeli state beside of it is rubbish.

Their charter still says Israel has no right to exist and that every inch of the land of Israel belongs to the Palestinians. They still say that the only acceptable solution is to remove Israel.

Netanyahu explains that the only reason Hamas is entertaining the idea of smaller Palestinian state right now is to destroy Israel later. He says emphatically that they want to use that smaller state to destroy the state of Israel.

He then asks a great question: Is moving from calling for the genocide of all Jews to calling just for the annihilation of Israel – is that progress or moderation?

Netanyahu calls CNN’s and the New York Times’ reporting “a complete distortion of the truth.” He continues, “it is bad enough Hamas lies to the world. We don’t also have to lie to ourselves.”

Netanyahu ends his social media video by suggesting the Hamas charter belongs in the garbage can. He then crumples the document and throws it away.