New Book Claims Hillary Clinton Spied on Staffers

A new book about Hillary Clinton’s disastrous campaign has deepened the web of scandal involving her use of a private server, negating her already absurd claims that it was a mistake borne out of ignorance. The book claims that Clinton spied on her own staffers following her 2008 loss to Barack Obama.

The book’s spying revelation.Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign,” written by Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes, was released on Tuesday, and a Wall Street Journal review of the damning revelations discussed how Clinton used her private email server back in 2008 to spy on her staffers.

The authors of the book wrote that after Obama beat Clinton in the 2008 Democrat primary, Clinton “instructed a trusted aide to access the campaign’s server and download the [email] messages sent and received by top staffers.”

Clinton paranoia. The Daily Caller reported:

The purpose of the project was to expose staffers who Clinton believed were disloyal to her during the campaign, The Wall Street Journal writes in a review of “Shattered,” which relies on more than 100 sources.

The spy campaign shows that Clinton “possesses an almost Nixonian paranoia about treachery and, second, that her use of a private email server at the State Department was never the naive ‘mistake’ she pretended it was,” The Journal’s review reads.

“In fact, she didn’t want anyone reading her emails the way she was reading those of her 2008 staffers.”

Server scandal revelations. Clinton’s email server scandal, in which she used private servers run out of her home in Chappaqua, New York to conduct official government business as secretary of state — including the sharing of classified information over the unsecured sever — offered some tidbits that appear to corroborate these claims.

TheDC reported:

Bryan Pagliano, Clinton’s campaign IT director and the technician who managed her State Department server, was identified in one Sept. 3, 2015 email as retrieving emails from Clinton’s campaign system.

“Bryan was the one who retrieved all our emails for Maura to read,” Neera Tanden, Clinton’s 2008 campaign policy director, wrote in a Sept. 3, 2015 email, which was published by WikiLeaks in October.

The Maura mentioned in Tanden’s email is most likely Maura Palley, Clinton’s deputy counsel on the 2008 campaign. She now works for the Clinton Foundation.

The date here is important, as it was when Pagliano invoked his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination before the House Select Benghazi Committee. The committee questioned him about his involvement with Clinton’s server and he declined to testify.

The State Department hired Pagliano in May of 2009 and Clinton paid the computer specialist — out of pocket — to set up her server and take care of its maintenance.

“Maybe that is why he’s avoiding testifying,” Tanden wrote in her email exchange with Podesta.

Pagliano did end up talking — to the FBI after they gave him his now-infamous immunity deal.

Why is this important? This revelation is yet another damning example of the lies Clinton told to hide her criminal activities.

It is clear, as if it wasn’t already, that Clinton’s illegal activity runs deep and that it is insane that she has not been punished for it.

It is also another reminder of how disappointing it was for President Trump to abandon his promise to uphold law and order in this country when he turned his back on his promise to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Clinton’s actions.