NEW: The Perfect Gift For Every Unhinged Liberal On Your Xmas List

The UK company Women To Look Up To is selling a Hillary Clinton Christmas tree angel complete with wings and a white pants suit.

If you’re willing to spend fifty dollars, you can decorate your Christmas tree with last year’s failed presidential candidate.


The most presidential of tree toppers. 3D sculpted in her iconic power suit with angelic wings.

3D printed to order with pinpoint accuracy, with a simple wire tie threaded through holes on her back to safely secure to your tree.

She’s the First Lady of Christmas Tree Decorations.

The company seems to think nothing’s more “presidential” than Clinton, who lost her bids for the presidency in both 2008 and 2016.

Fifty bucks seems a little steep for a plaster figurine, but unhinged liberals who prefer to top their tree with a reminder of failure and corruption instead of an angel of the annunciation are sure to fork over their money for what’s likely the most cheaply made ornament on their tree.

Besides that, it makes a perfect gag gift. You’re just a Scrooge if you don’t get the humor in a plastic Hillary Clinton with wings.

Even Democrats know that thing is hideous.

The Daily Wire reports:

The company, Women To Look Up To, considers itself a brand that “shines a light on modern female role models,” and to that extent, they’ve developed a line of “She-Ro” tree toppers, so that you can literally look up to a handful of “badass women” that they think deserve to sit at the top of your Christmas tree more than the Holy chorus that announced the birth of the Christ child […]

“Every Christmas we place a ‘Topper’ made of no more than plastic and glitter on top of trees,’ the company says on its website. ‘For many, she has lost her meaning, which is why Women To Look Up To have created a range of modern female role models to place on top instead.”

There’s no word, yet, however on whether it smells of sorrow and corruption instead of the traditional “fir tree scent.”

Sadly, you probably missed your window to order. Shipping to the US takes 5-7 days, the company says, and you have to have your order in several days before that, because each tree-topper is custom made. A window of 15 is necessary for the total arc, but at this point, because so many people have demanded a Clinton angel, they can’t guarantee a two week turnaround.

The company’s website claims a Christmas tree angel is “a woman from a bygone era; a woman made of no more than plastic and glitter.”

Since “the old dame was due a modern makeover,” Hillary Clinton deserves “the highest grade plaster.”

How nice.

The “POTUS we all truly deserve” is sure to inspire a nightmare before Christmas at whatever holiday party it presides over.