New Poll Reveals Which News Network is “Least Trusted”


In a completely unsurprising poll result from Rasmussen, viewers prefer Fox News and consider CNN the least trusted network.

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

The Rasmussen poll shows that, when Americans were asked what channels they turn to “at least occasionally” for political news, Fox News took the top spot with 42 percent saying they watch the channel. Competitors CNN and MSNBC fell short with 35 percent and 19 percent, respectively.

The poll also asked how viewers trust the political news from each of the cable networks. Fox News again took the top spot, with 50 percent of respondents saying they trust the network’s political news. Fourty-three percent of MSNBC viewers said the same, and only 33 percent of those who tune into CNN said they trust the news network.

Rasmussen Reports also found that 75 percent of likely American voters watch cable news “at least occasionally” for some of their news reception.

For the poll, Rasmussen contacted 1,000 likely voters on Jan. 2.

How surprising! You mean the Clinton News Network and Leftist MSNBC aren’t particularly appealing to most Americans?

Why, it’s almost as if the left is completely and utterly out of touch with the majority of Americans!

The liberal mainstream media must be flabbergasted by the fact that being outed as not just massive shills for the Democrat Party, but also for working as an actual arm of the Democrat Party (which we found out in the Democrat National Committee leak), isn’t appealing to most Americans.

Then again, I’d argue that some of these leftists know that and they don’t care. They are hellbent on forcing their agenda on the American people whether they like it or not.