New World Map Shows How Many Terror Strikes So Far in 2017

A new map depicting the terror attacks carried out thus far this year shows that, despite former President Barack Obama’s claims, the Islamic State group still remains a persist threat across the globe.

Produced by Esri Story Maps and PeaceLab Tech, the map showed 441 attacks and 2,991 fatalities as of the morning of May 12, 2017.

Moreover, of all the terror groups that had committed attacks — Al-Qaeda, Al-Shabaab, Boko Haram, PKK, Taliban, ISIS and “Other” — the Islamic State was responsible for the most deaths. As of Friday, the group had committed 158 attacks and killed 1,297 people.

What’s interesting is how much this differs with what the U.K. Daily Mail reported only six days earlier: “Islamic State is responsible for 1,180 deaths that have occurred as a result of terrorism this year, with the total number of deaths being 2,835 by 1pm on May 6.”

This means the ISIS killed an astonishing 117 additional people in just six days, while their peers killed an extra 39.

To see the latest version of the map, click here.

Otherwise, take a look at a screenshot below:


According to Giselle Lopez, a senior specialist at PeaceTech Lab, real-time data from Wikipedia has been used to build and update the map.

Moreover, it’s important to note the difference between terrorism in the West and terrorism in the East, she added: “The map shows the difference in numbers and magnitude of attacks in places like Mali, Nigeria, and Somalia compared to Western countries, which tend to get far more coverage in international press.”

The point is that though we only read about terror attacks a few times a month, max, residents in the Middle East, Africa and Asia experience them nearly daily.

“Many of the gravest attacks have occurred in nations often overlooked by Western media, such as Nigeria, Yemen, Somalia, and Bangladesh, as well as in more familiar war-torn locales like Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan,” she continued.

“The map was created to provide a real-time source of information on these attacks and shed light on where terrorism has been a major issue in terms of number of attacks, numbers of victims, active groups, or type of attack.”

In other words, the map provides a realistic portrayal of just how deadly the threat of radical Islamic terrorism happens to still be.


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Were one to only read the stories peddled by the liberal mainstream media, one would think terrorism is barely a problem — that former President Obama had practically solved it all by his lonesome self.

This is a false narrative, and thankfully, President Donald Trump of course realizes this. But it’s important that YOU and I as American citizens keep it in mind as well, as it’s our unrelenting support for the president and his policies that keeps him afloat and moving forward.

And it’s his forward trajectory that will eventually ensure that this threat exists no more — or at least not at the level we currently see it.