New York Times Copy Editors Are Being Encouraged To Take Buyouts Today

Here’s your box.

Pack up your office fern, your pencils, and your fake news. You’re outta here.

Copy editors at The New York Times recently found out they “won’t have jobs at the newspaper once the latest round of cuts takes place.”

They’re encouraged to take the “buyout option” the Times has provided.

According to Poynter, these layoffs:

[A]re part of a long-anticipated effort at The New York Times to shift the balance of the newsroom toward reporting and away from editing in part by making sizable cuts to the copy editing staff.

Glickson said he did not have a tally of how many copy editors have been encouraged to take buyouts. The copy editing corps, which numbers more than 100, is being cut down to between 50 and 55 editors, according to an open letter published by the copy desk at the end of June.

The New York Times declined to comment Thursday.

The buyout, like most others in the media business, offers employees a cash payout on a sliding scale based on the number of years each has worked for The New York Times. The company is enhancing the buyout program by offering six months of outplacement services for all Guild-represented and excluded newsroom employees that were accepted.

So how will The New York Times newsroom look differently now?

It won’t. They’ve simply cut the fat.

What do I mean by this?

Well, copy editors, according to this article, were in charge of “polishing and fact checking.”

They were doing a pretty lousy job of fact checking before, and now that they’re gone, The New York Times just won’t have to worry about that step anymore!

Not a big surprise here!