News Crew Films Illegal Immigrants Crossing Border Fence


When a Spanish-speaking news crew traveled down to the Mexican-American border to cover a story, they probably never imagined they’d capture a viral video completely by accident!

While in the middle of covering an unrelated story, a reporter from Azteca Noticias noticed two men crossing the border fence. They appeared to be smuggling drugs into America by carrying what looked like bales of marijuana on their backs.

Once they touched down on American soil, the two men began running for cover, while one of them was on the phone.

When they saw the camera, they began yelling “No graben!” or “Do not record.” Once they realized the crew was not going to stop recording the live segment, they appear to abandon the operation, and climbed the fence again, this time, returning to Mexico.

The border patrol never saw the two men.

Watch the clip below:

This comes just after the union representing U.S. Border Patrol Agents announced their support of Republican Presidential front-runner Donald Trump. Trump has promised on several occasions to build a wall between the United States and Mexico and further promised that Mexico would pay for it.

National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd had this to say about the unprecedented endorsement.

“Donald Trump has the strongest position on the border and he’s always had the strongest position,” Judd said on “Fox and Friends,” adding that it was Trump who “brought this issue to the forefront” and has been the one “continuously talking” about border security.

As for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s remarks that agents have done a good job securing the border, Judd said, “I promise you, Hillary is not right.”

“All you have to do is look at the numbers as far as how many arrests we make, how many get-aways there are,” he said, including how many people from other countries enter illegally, “those numbers are way up.”

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