Nitwit BLM Leader Admits He Sometimes Agitates As Part Of Activism

Toledo’s Julian Mack is an agitator. And he’s very good at it.

He’s managed to get one school board candidate cited for disorderly conduct and recently got a city councilman so mad, he allegedly punched him.

Mack admits he’s an agitator, but it’s all for a good cause – Black Lives Matter.

Like last month, when he was riding in a car past a group of police with his girlfriend Ruth Leonard at the wheel.

Leonard is a candidate for the Toledo Board of Education. Driving by the cops, Mack stuck his head out the window and screamed “F**K THE POLICE!”

(Because Black Lives Matter)

This caused Leonard such alarm, she almost got into an accident and both people were cited for disorderly conduct.

Thursday night, Mack was at an event for the re-election of Councilman Larry Sykes. He started antagonizing him harassing him and grabbing him.

(Because Black Lives Matter)

Sykes lashed back, The Toledo Blade reports. Whether he punched him or not is for the courts to decide, but what’s clear is that Mack, 33 – is claiming Sykes – who is 68 – beat him up.

Sykes – who is also black – said Mack is just a troublemaker. A charge Mack denies.

“I am an activist. I can admit, sometimes to a politician I can be very annoying,” Mr. Mack told The Blade. “I agitate, that’s what activists do sometimes, but I’ve always advocated for peace.”

Advocating for peace? By yelling “F**K THE POLICE!” from a moving car?

(Because, hey, Black Lives Matter, right?)

Mack is with the “Community Solidarity Response Network of Toledo.” The group goes around the city agitating on behalf of one issue or another. Anti-Trump? Check. “Nooses” found in a UPS building? Check.

Mack doesn’t seem to be able to hold down a job, either. Back in ay he was hired on as a clerk with Lucas County, but was fired before his probation period was over for “lateness and absenteeism.”

He also doesn’t seem to be able to go to school. He did graduate from high school, but attended Bowling Green State University and the University of Toledo, dropping out before getting a degree.

See, agitating takes a lot of work. “Advocating for peace” by shouting epithets at law enforcement is a full-time job, man! Screaming at local politicians takes a lot out of you.

His friends call him … “passionate.”

Michael Leonardi, a colleague at Community Solidarity Response Network of Toledo, characterized Mr. Mack as passionate about social justice and economic equality.

“I think Julian is a very astute young man and makes informed changes towards progressive change,” he said. “I think he is well-meaning and passionate, and sometimes his passion can get him in difficult situations.”

Where are this man’s parents? Do they approve of his antics? Passion is fine. Passion to act like an idiot is juvenile.

And if this man is “passionate” to the point of angering people like he does, and if a 70-year-old man can beat him up, he’s in the wrong line of work, don’t you think?