No Evidence Of Russian Hacking In US Election – Media Is SILENT About This…


Despite the massive amount of fake news put out by the mainstream media claiming otherwise, there actually has not been any evidence put forward that the Russian government was behind the hacks surrounding the U.S. election — something the MSM has bent over backward to ignore.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the FBI put out a Joint Analysis Report (JAR) that the MSM has spun into evidence that the Russian government was behind the hacks. But as the Daily Caller reported, that simply isn’t the case:

The report, however, is devoid of evidence linking Russia to hackings of Democratic Party institutions and individuals. The report broadly describes how “two separate Russian espionage groups” were involved in the “the intrusion into a U.S. political party.” But there’s no specific details explaining the attribution of Russia as being behind the hacking. Eight pages of the 13-page report consist of information meant to help network administrators try and identify possible intrusions, prevent them, and what to do if they spot code the U.S. government has said belongs to Russian intelligence.

After the release of the JAR, the Burlington Electric Department in Vermont identified malware from the report on a laptop not attached to the electrical grid. This has been reported by both The Burlington Free Press and The Washington Post as a Russian hacking operation. But cybersecurity expert Jeffrey Carr has said that “it’s almost impossible to confirm attribution in cyberspace.”

Take a look at this passage from Harper’s back in December that shed some light on what we’re looking at here:

“A tool developed by the Chinese to attack Google in 2009 was later reused by the so-called Equation Group against officials of the Afghan government. So the Afghans, had they investigated, might have assumed they were being hacked by the Chinese. Thanks to a leak by Edward Snowden, however, it now appears that the Equation Group was in fact the NSA.”

Bill Binney, a veteran of the NSA with more than 30 years at the agency, told Harper’s: “Saying it does not make it true. They have to provide proof. . . . So let’s see the evidence.”

In December, President Obama ordered a “full review” of the alleged Russian hacking to be completed before he leaves office, but as the New York Times reported, that report will likely be classified which means that the public may never see evidence even if it is produced.

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The alleged Russian hacking was called “Grizzly Steppe” in the government report. In response, internet security experts and the proprietors of Wordfence thoroughly analyzed the FBI/DHS report and came to this conclusion:

On Friday we published an analysis of the FBI and DHS Grizzly Steppe report. The report was widely seen as proof that Russian intelligence operatives hacked the US 2016 election. We showed that the PHP malware in the report is old, freely available from a Ukrainian hacker group and is an administrative tool for hackers.

We also performed an analysis on the IP addresses included in the report and showed that they originate from 61 countries and 389 different organizations with no clear attribution to Russia.

Our report has received wide coverage.

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