North Korea Warns ‘Great War’ Coming…

The USS Carl Vinson led strike group is expected to arrive in the Sea of Japan next week, and North Korean officials have warned that a “great war” is coming.

While the world waits to see if North Korea will follow through on threats to perform the state’s sixth nuclear weapons’ test, North Korea continues to assert that they will not back down to pressure to disband their nuclear and intercontinental ballistic weapons programs.

Daily Star reports:

North Korea’s state media wrote: “If the US provokes the DPRK even a bit, its army and people will start a great war of justice for national reunification without hesitation.

“Noting that the U.S. warmongers hysterically try to ignite a war by mobilizing nuclear strategic assets without any measure to deal with the consequences to be entailed.

“The U.S. has now gone seriously mad. It is mulling frightening the DPRK and achieving something with nuclear strategic bombers, nuclear carriers, etc.

“However, the army and people of the DPRK will never be browbeaten by such bluffing.:

If the DPRK (the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) isn’t worried about threats of a strike should North Korea continue weapons development and testing, then perhaps there will be major trouble on the Korean Peninsula.

However, the state media isn’t necessarily a reliable source of information out of the North, and no mention was made of an assured nuclear test.


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Daily Star continues:

Confusion initially reigned as the USS Carl Vinson strike force headed for the Indian Ocean – going further away from North Korea.

But this week the aircraft carrier and its destroyers turned North and is now due to arrive this week in the Sea of Japan.

[…] Russian tanks have reached their land border with North Korea as Putin calls for calm in the Korean Peninsula.

While North Korean, Russian, U.S., and South Korean forces prepare for whatever is to come, the rest of us wait to see what the North has planned for the immediate future and how the rest of us will respond.