Note In Las Vegas Gunman’s Room Had Bullet Trajectory Calculations

It has been just under a week since nearly 60 people were mowed down by a hail of bullets, and more than 500 others wounded in the process. While the motive still has yet to be determined, other pieces of information are starting to come together, including what the shooter wrote down on a notepad found in the hotel room by the window.

When images of the room were released, questions (and conspiracy theories) abounded about what exactly was on the note. Some thought it was a suicide note, others claimed it was a revelation of his motives. Yet for days, the contents of the note remained unknown to the public.

Las Vegas police officers breached the room at approximately 11:20 pm local time. By the time they entered the room, Stephen Paddock was already dead for some time. The room was littered with dozens of guns, many magazines filled with rifle cartridges, and the floor full of spent shell casings.

It must have been quite a scene to behold.

One week after the attacks, several of those officers who breached the room are revealing what they saw when they first entered. The interview, to be aired Sunday evening on CBS’ 60 Minutes, will have details about what they saw that late night.

Officer David Newton from the Las Vegas Police Department’s K-9 unit said he noticed a note on the shooter’s nightstand once officers breached the room. He said the note was located near one of the windows that Paddock had smashed with a hammer to fire onto the crowd below with high-powered semi-automatic rifles outfitted to increase their rate of fire.

“I could see on it he had written the distance, the elevation he was on, the drop of what his bullet was gonna be for the crowd,” Newton said. “So he had that written down and figured out so he would know where to shoot to hit his targets from there.”

The attack was clearly planned with an unparalleled amount of meticulous attention to detail. One can hardly think of any mass shooting attack where the shooter put so much planning into carrying it out. Just as we reported earlier this week, the attack was planned and carried out immaculately.

At least 50 people were killed and as many as 400 were injured when a gunman – identified as Mesquite, Nevada, resident Stephen Paddock – opened fire on a crowd of thousands at a country music festival along the Las Vegas Strip. He was apparently shooting from a room in an upper floor of the Mandalay Bay resort across from the event.

One former Las Vegas officer said the planning of the attack was “immaculate.”

“The shooting went on for somewhere in the area of 15, 20 minutes, so that interfered with getting the first responders into the area,” Randy Sutton said on CBS “This Morning.”

Sutton said the gunman planned the “horrific shooting immaculately.”

“When you look at what his field of fire was,” he said.

“The way that he prepared himself by having multiple firearms, by having the ability to have enough ammunition to rain down hell on those poor innocent people that were doing nothing except enjoying themselves.”

The full interview will air on CBS at 7 pm ET/PT on Sunday evening. Hopefully the details they share will shed more light on what happened, and maybe give us some idea of why. Whether or not we will ever know all the details is a question we can’t answer right now, though.