NFL Player Just Took Kaepernick’s Protest to The Next Level; Fans Are PISSED


The soap opera of patriotism started by Colin Kaepernick continues:

The latest brouhaha took place when the Kansas City Chiefs decided not to stand with their hands over their hearts for the National Anthem, instead deciding to lock arms together as a sign of solidarity and respect for Americans on both sides of the anthem debate.

They also released a statement explaining their solidarity.

“After having a number of thoughtful discussions as a group regarding our representation during the National Anthem, we decided to be unified as a team and to be respectful of everyone’s opinions, and the remembrance of 9/11.

It’s our job as professional athletes to make a positive impact on our communities and to be proactive when change is needed. Together we are going to continue to have conversations, educate ourselves and others on social issues and work with law enforcement officials and leaders to make an impact on the Kansas City community.”

And that’s fine, I suppose. Except this:

One of the team members, the Chiefs’ cornerback Marcus Peters decided to bring Black Power into the debate.


Some Americans were very supportive:

Others … well, not so much:

Especially on 9/11 of all dates.

These little demonstrations are spreading across the country – including in our public schools. When will this all stop?