NYC City Council BANS The Press

Here we have a perfect reminder of the fact that liberals don’t really have a hard-and-fast allegiance to any core principles, not even the ones they claim to revere the most, like the value of a free and independent press.

The New York Daily News reports that the New York City Council has barred the press from the council’s wing of City Hall, for the purpose of council members engaging in sensitive negotiations without anything leaking out:

[Council Speaker Melissa] Mark-Viverito said secretive negotiations taking place as her term comes to an end had driven her decision.

“We’re in the process of having a lot of extensive conversations and negotiations in these last couple weeks, and so we’re limiting access,” she said as she left City Hall Monday.

“I’m doing this until the end of term, and that’s my position.”

The area now off-limits to the press includes a City Hall hallway where reporters often speak to elected officials, and where public documents related to the Council’s agenda are distributed.

It also includes the building’s radio room — which was renamed in honor of legendary 1010 WINS reporter Stan Brooks in 2013, shortly before his death. Only reporters assigned to desks in that room were allowed to enter the restricted area Monday.

Stairwells leading to the Council chamber and basement were blocked off as well.

In response to pushback, Mark-Viverito sheepishly admitted that she didn’t “know all the details exactly” of which areas of the building were now off-limits to the press, and agreed to take another look at whether the ban would continue applying to the entire wing of the building or merely council members’ private office areas.

Her spokeswoman Robin Levine wasn’t nearly as concerned about or respectful toward concerns, refusing to answer questions about who made the call, and even insinuating that the objections are nothing more than petty critics upset that they’re losing access to “a Keurig machine and a restroom” in the council’s office. “Use the elevator,” Levine tweeted as a solution.

Mark-Viverito’s term is nearing its end, and the policy’s final fate will be up to whoever is elected as her successor. “Several candidates, including Corey Johnson, Jimmy Van Bramer, Ydanis Rodriguez and Jumaane Williams, said they had not been aware of the policy change and would look into it,” the Daily News adds.

This action may or may not be a big deal, but one thing is clear: it’s beyond rich to see this coming from a group of liberal politicians in a climate where President Donald Trump is regularly accused of waging war against the Second Amendment for doing nothing more than criticizing dishonest reporters and slanted coverage.

Consider the following random sample of headlines that comes up when one does a simple Google search:

Yeesh. That’s some grade-A, prime-cut hysteria.

Does anybody seriously doubt that if this was a story about the Trump White House, it would become the latest piece of “evidence” in the Left’s case that Trump was turning America into a dictatorship?