NYC Cops Are Now Being Asked To Do This INSANE Thing When They’re In Tough Situations


After the Eric Garner case in which cops held a man in a chokehold who was resisting arrest for selling cigarettes illegally (and later died of a heart attack), NYC Mayor deBlasio decided he wanted the police to get some new training.

Police could always use further training but what taxpayers paid for was $35 million of useless information. Apparently 8 out of 10 cops thought it was a waste of time and money.

From the NY Post:

Cops should “take a deep breath’’ — and close their eyes — when dealing with angry people, according to the NYPD’s new “retraining’’ program.

The potentially dangerous advice is part of a $35 million “smart policing’’ primer by Mayor Bill de Blasio and Police Commissioner Bill Bratton that most of the cops who have gone through it say is completely useless.

One cop who sat through two full-day programs called them “not realistic’’ and “pretty silly.”

At one point during the lectures, the cop said, those in attendance were given breathing exercises to learn how to calm down — even when facing someone who could pose a threat to their safety.

“They said if you find yourself in a situation that’s getting heated, take a step back, close your eyes and take a deep breath,” he said.

“That’s pretty funny — that I would close my eyes in a tense situation.”

Another cop called the lectures “smoke and mirrors” to appease the public.

“They want you to stop and think about everything before you do anything, but a lot of times cops have to make a split-second decision, and they don’t have the luxury of stopping and thinking,” the cop said.

Can you ever imagine a cop, faced with a weapon or aggressive potential arrestee actually stopping and closing his or her eyes?

Who was teaching this class, a yoga instructor?

De Blasio not only wasted taxpayer money but he wasted valuable time of police who could have actually learned something useful.