NYC Mayor Shows Up To Cop’s Funeral, Cops; He INSTANTLY Gets What He Deserves

New York Police Department Officer Miosotis Familia, a 12-year veteran of the force and mother of three, was murdered last week in cold blood by police hater Alexander Bonds. Her funeral was held Tuesday, during which the officers present made their feelings toward New York Mayor Bill de Blasio crystal clear.

The Young Conservatives have the details of why hundreds of cops felt the need to express their disapproval, and how they did so:

The NYPD was not at all happy with him since he left NYC the day after Familia was assassinated to go to Germany to join the protesters of the G20.

He skipped out on a vigil held for Familia while he was in Germany.

While there, he also praised ‘protesters,’ while giving a hat tip to the German police for allowing ‘protesters their right to protest’. Actual protesters were in short supply, but there were plenty of leftist Antifa rioters, 500 police officers are estimated to have been injured by the ‘protesters.’

This behavior reopened the wound that police have already felt from what they feel is de Blasio’s indifference and antipathy toward them.

So when he stood to make remarks today, several hundred members of the NYPD turned their back on him.

The New York Post reports that in spinning the snub, de Blasio spokesman Austin Finan was rather less-than-respectful toward the police officers his boss has alienated: “A couple dozen people showed up to partake in a bogus controversy ginned up by the media and those looking to politicize Detective Familia’s death. That’s unfortunate.”

Pandering to the type of leftist thugs who would love to see more dead cops doesn’t seem like a “bogus controversy” to me, nor does skipping a vigil for Familia to do it. Especially when this is far from the first thing he’s done. NYPD veterans have been expressing their contempt for him for years.

And it’s no wonder why, given that his priorities include forcing police to waste time on “gender sensitivity” nonsense, smearing the NYPD as racist, meddling in their attempts to enforce the law when it comes to illegal immigration, actually defending certain crimes (as long as an illegal does them), imposing ridiculous rules on them, and rewarding judges who go easy on thugs who threaten cops.

Sure, Mr. Mayor. It’s a “bogus controversy.” Keep telling yourself that.