New York Times Runs Laughable Op-Ed Story On Speech

A NY Times Op-Ed was recently published with the provocative title, “When Is Speech Violence?”

It indeed is a strange piece, since the obvious answer is that speech may lead to physical violence but it is not physical violence itself.

The effort to seek to create a category of ‘speech’ that one can term as actual violence is a troubling thought.

The NY Times piece even tries to argue that such ‘violence’ can shorten your life.

Alex Griswold, a reporter at the Washington Free Beacon, asks the Times a question.

And the responses are brilliant…

The issue with the article’s thesis, as Griswold points out, is whether an individual’s speech is “violent” depends on the listener’s reaction, which is entirely outside of the individual’s control.

Liberals have strange perceptions of speech and violence. Speech is fine, unless it offends them; then it must be banned.

Thankfully, we Americans have the Constitution that prevents them from their ridiculous bans.

Just as Griswold mentions, the op-ed never says who’s to judge which speech is over-the-line and which isn’t.

Therefore, I appoint myself. So, liberals: Butt out of our personal lives and stop telling us what to say and what not to say.

H/T: Young Cons