Obama Administration Telling Refugees To Scrub Their Facebook Accounts Before Applying To U.S.

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In the wake of the San Bernardino terrorist attack, where a social media trail from the attackers shows a vile hatred of the U.S. and connections with ISIS, Immigration has begun vetting immigrants from Syria and Iraq seeking refuge in the United States.

But Barack Obama is trying to undermine that.

In their testimony before Congress, administration officials are warning applicants – and all potential terrorists – to scrub their social media accounts prior to any vetting, the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) is reporting.

Leon Rodriguez, director of the Citizenship and Immigration services said under oath: “What we are doing right now, and these efforts are focused on Syrians [refugees], is that in those cases in which there are flags of – element of concern in a case, we do a social media review, in those cases, to further develop and determine whether there’s any information in social media which helps us resolve that case, either derogatory information that would lead, possibly, to a denial, or that would satisfy us that the individual was okay.”

So that’s what they’re planning on doing, refugees (and possible terrorists), but don’t worry. It will take a while: “Right now, we are conducting manual vetting. In other words, we’re literally just going into Facebook and Google and other sources to identify the social media information. That’s very slow going.”

So it will take a while … there’s plenty of time to totally scrub your social media accounts.

Francis Taylor, under secretary for Intelligence and Analysis at Homeland Security, said at the hearing, “At the beginning, we probably won’t have enough capability on board in the government to do this robustly, and that we will have to do some contracting, particularly for linguists. When one’s talking about social media, all social media is not in English. So we need language skills and those sorts of things, which are more readily available, initially, in the private sector. But long term, I think we will build a capability that mirrors our department’s responsibility to review this type of data and do so with government employees that are trained and able to do it. But my sense is the initial investment will be heavily contractor.”

As Nayla Rush at the CIS reported:

So, all you refugees and immigrants out there, you’ve been warned. You’d better have a “clean” official Facebook account under your real name if you want to make it into the United States. But no worries, you have time to get your act together. Though if you’re using a pseudonym, you may not need to bother…

H/T: The Washington Examiner