Obama Admits This Was The ‘Worst Mistake’ Of His Presidency

Former President Barack Obama is acknowledging the biggest mistake of his presidency is the lack of preparation and planning in the aftermath of the fall of Muammar Gaddafi in Libya.

The chaos after his fall left the country spiraling into violence and under constant threat from extremists.

Speaking with Fox News about his legacy, Obama said his “worst mistake” was “failing to plan for the day after what I think was the right thing to do in intervening in Libya.”

He said his plan for intervention “didn’t work.”

Obama’s former press secretary, Josh Earnest, said that Obama’s regrets “extend to what the United States and the rest of the members of our coalition didn’t do.”

“The president has tried to apply this lesson in considering the use of military and other circumstances,” Earnest said.

“That asking the question about what situation will prevail and what sort of commitments from the international community will be required after that military intervention has been ordered by the commander in chief.”

Back in March, Obama criticized then-British Prime Minister James Cameron and former French Prime Minister Nicolas Sarkozy for their role in the coalition-led bombing campaign of the North African nation.

He said Cameron became “distracted” and Sarkozy was busy promoting his country during the 2011 NATO-led invasion.

Since the downfall of Gaddafi, who was killed in a popular uprising, Libya descended into near-anarchy – ruled by rival militias vying for power while the Islamic State group has gained influence in the country.

The head of a UN-backed unity government arrived earlier this month in Tripoli to begin garnering support for his government.

It’s amazing that with that answer, Obama never mentioned the attack on the consulate in Benghazi that took the life of several American diplomats.

Done with the tough question, he was then tossed a softball. “What is your best moment as President.”

Without even a smirk, Obama replied “Saving the country from a great depression.” Which is ironic, since under Obama’s leadership, pulling out of the “Great Recession” took longer and was more languid than any recovery in American history.

Obama was then asked what his best day in the White House. Of course, he said Obamacare.

“The day that we passed health care reform,” Obama said.

“We sat out on the Truman Balcony with all the staff that had worked so hard on it and I knew what it would mean for the families that I’d met who didn’t have health care.”

The president said his worst day in the White House was when he travelled to Newtown, Connecticut, after a gunman shot 20 young children and six adult staff members at an elementary school in December 2012.

Of course, we could name more than a few failures of the Obama Administration. Like stopping ISIS, dismantling al-Qaeda, ending combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan, having a “transparent” administration, supporting cybersecurity, honoring our nation’s veterans.

The list goes on and on.

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