Barack Obama Knows Who He Wants to Run For The White House in 2020

Democrats are still looking for someone to take the mantle in the 2020 Presidential election. Even nearly a year after the 2016 election, they are still looking for a person to lead the charge.

The now-former President Obama has an idea of who could pick up the mantle: former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick.

Politico reports that Obama, and several of his advisers, have been pushing Patrick to run for the office in the next Presidential election.

Both Valerie Jarrett and David Axelrod have pushed Patrick to consider it. One has to wonder what Patrick thinks about the idea, from his desk on the 38th floor of the John Hancock Building, working for Bain Capital.

Obama himself—who is personally close to Patrick, and counts him among the very small group of people whom he thinks has actual political talent—has privately encouraged him to think about it, among others.

Obama veterans light up at the mention of Patrick’s name. In self-assurance, style and politics, they see the former Massachusetts governor as a perfect match, the natural continuation of Obama’s legacy.

A run by Patrick is, according to Jarret herself, what “my heart desires.”

One former White House aid stated that if 100 notable Obama alumni were polled, that there would be two names that would rise to the top: Joe Biden and Deval Patrick.

Biden, who has expressed regret for not running in 2016, is rumored to have 2020 aspirations. However, the former Vice President would be 77 on election day. Considering the demands of the job, his age is a major factor that does not play in his favor.

Deval Patrick, on the other hand, is notably younger at 61.

When asked by Politico’s Bridget Mulcahy, Patrick didn’t really say either way what his thoughts are.

“I’m trying to think about how to be helpful, because I care about the country, and I’m a patriot first. It’s way, way too soon to be making plans for 2020,” Patrick told me in an interview for POLITICO’s Off Message podcast recorded at Bain headquarters in Boston. “So I’ll just leave it at that.”

Could Patrick take the mantle for the Democrats in 2020? Maybe, but there appears to be a detrimental flaw with his record that many Democrats may not take kindly: his position at Bain Capital.

Bain Capital is a big business, one that has multiple billions of dollars in assets (read, owned and operated by one percenters). In their “About Us” section, they describe the company:

We are one of the world’s leading private multi-asset alternative investment firms with approximately $75 billion in assets under management that creates lasting impact for our investors, teams, businesses and the communities in which we live. Founded in 1984, we pioneered a consulting-based approach to private equity investing, partnering closely with management teams to offer the insights that challenge conventional thinking, build great businesses and improve operations. Over time, we have organically expanded this approach across asset classes to build one of the strongest alternative asset platforms in the world.

Today, our teams strive to create value through private equity, public equity, fixed income and credit and venture capital investments across multiple sectors, industries, and geographies. We believe that our people and the shared values we’ve espoused since our founding remain the core of our competitive advantage. This has empowered us to deliver an enduring impact to a diverse group of investors including pensions, endowments, foundations and individuals.

Considering the fact that a growing number of Democrats are envious of anyone who has food on their plates, Patrick may not be a good choice for the alleged workers’ party. That’s a lesson Hillary Clinton learned the hard way.