Obama Now Accepting Corporate Donations For His Presidential Library, Millions Roll In

Now that he’s out of the White House, Barack Obama no longer needs to hide his greed and reliance on corporate America. Oh … and his bizarre immaturity.

His presidential library foundation has just lifted the donor restriction imposed while he was president, and instantly, the million-dollar pledges came rolling in.

Corporate giants like Microsoft and Excelon are in – for at least a million dollars in pledges, as are six more companies. They’ve already cashed checks worth $1.2 million so far.

Believe it or not, the Chicago-based “foundation” tasked with building his library on the city’s south-side has a budget of a half-billion dollars and already they’ve received pledges totaling $8 million.

The foundation started in 2014 and reportedly raised $5.4 million in its first year. However, the foundation’s total fundraising amounts since its start are unclear, Fox News reports.

The foundation on Saturday did not immediately return requests for that amount.

A foundation official recently told the Chicago Sun-Times that the organization lifted its self-imposed donor “restrictions” when Obama left office in January but will “continue to vet and publicly disclose all large contributions.”

The foundation was previously not accepting contributions from for-profit groups, federal lobbyists and foreign nationals.

Other million-dollar donors reported Friday by the foundation include Ann and John Doerr and the Hutchins Family Foundation.

The library will be located in the city’s Jackson Park.

The plan calls for a museum to anchor the northern end of the plaza on the sprawling campus of the presidential center, while the roofs of the library and forum buildings are to be covered with plantings to create new park land. The total size of the center is estimated to range 200,000 to 225,000 square feet.

If that’s not enough, Obama said he envisions adding a sledding hill to the park — something he said his wife said she always wanted when she was growing up on the South Side — as well as play lots and paddle boats for the lagoon in the park.

Obama also said he hopes the presidential center will become a hub for artists like Bruce Springsteen, Chance the Rapper and Spike Lee to use to teach young people about music and film.

“What we want this to be is the world premiere institution for training young people in leadership to (help them) make a difference in their communities, in their country and in their world,” he said.

A sledding hill. A sledding hill? Bruce Springsteen and Spike Lee? What kind of a juvenile egomaniac is this man?