Obama Slammed For “Lavish” Palace Like Presidential Library

Once complete, the Obama Presidential Center in Chicago will be a palace-like campus complete with basketball courts, a recording studio, a children’s play garden, and a sledding hill.

The library is taking on several unconventional projects, and former President Barack Obama describes it as being “more like a campus” than a library, according to Fox News.

Obama’s presidential library may not host hard copies of any of Obama’s documents and letters, but it will have a room for Yoga classes and a “test kitchen.”

Michelle Obama was well-known for her “healthy” school lunch program that restricted school lunches to a measly 850 calories. The move was meant to combat childhood obesity. Public school kids were essentially put on an extremely restrictive diet, whether they needed it or not.

Hungry students soon protested the so-called “Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010” that drastically diminished lunch calories for teens who require some 2,000 to 5,000 calories a day. The Huffington Post reports on a protest video called We Are Hungry:

But some say the amount of food you get in 850 calories simply isn’t enough — especially if you’re a rapidly growing teen.

“Think of a high-school boy who works out at least three hours a day, not including farm work,” said Brenda Kirkham, an employee at the Wallace County High School where the video was filmed. “I’m furious,” she told the Wichita Eagle.

Kirkham’s colleague Linda O’Connor penned the video, which features students criticizing the calorie restrictions, passing out in the classroom, on the football field and in the gym, and going to great lengths to feel full, such as sneaking out of class to a locker stashed with snacks.

The video opens with a stat from KidsHealth.org’s “A Guide to Eating Healthy for Sports” that says active teens require 2000 to 5000 calories per day to adequately meet their growth and energy needs.

Nevertheless, it seems the Obama presidential library will pay tribute to this failed campaign, which was ultimately rolled back by the Trump administration.

The “test kitchen” will teach visitors “about the full production cycle of nutritious food.”

Since we already know the Obamas think “healthy” means starving kids against their will, the test kitchen’s “nutritious food” is likely the stuff you’d eat if you’re trying to spend more calories than you consume. Whatever Michelle Obama insisted on for school cafeterias, that’s not the definition of “healthy” for everyone.

The test kitchen is more than just flawed, however. It’s just a ridiculous idea. Even staunch Obama supporters think so, as Fox News reports:

Chicago Tribune columnist Ron Grossman trashed the “test kitchen” idea as not worthy of the ideals and history for which the presidential center is supposed to stand.

“Mr. President, I’ve got to tell you: The renderings for your museum are ‘little plans,’ more likely to congeal than stir blood,” he wrote.

The problem, Grossman wrote, isn’t the design but the add-ons.

“What brought me up short was a space in the adjoining Forum building labeled ‘test kitchen.’ Presumably that reflects Michelle Obama’s war on junk food. The museum’s champions similarly suggest it could host yoga classes,” he wrote. “President Obama, is that how you want to be remembered? As the healthy-eating and meditation-advocating president?”

He added, “That’s not how I want the story to come down to my grandchildren’s children” […]

This is hardly the first time the presidential center’s plans have raised eyebrows.

Planners are taking an unconventional approach, including by opting to host a digital archive of former President Barack Obama’s records, but not keep his hard-copy manuscripts and letters and other documents onsite.

Back in May, Obama described it as “more like a campus,” with plans to position it as a “premier institution for training young people in leadership.”

Is a presidential library really the place for Obama’s little “test kitchen?” What about the Yoga room and the basketball courts?

Tell us what you think of Obama’s “campus,” and sound off in the comments below.