Obama’s Economy: Oreo Cookies To Be Manufactured In Mexico

Sad Orea News

Mondelēz International, the multinational parent company that makes Oreo cookies and Ritz/Graham crackers, handed hundreds of workers at its Nabisco plant in Chicago lay-off notices this week in anticipation of its plans to start manufacturing Oreos and Ritz/Graham crackers in Mexico, reported the Chicago Tribune.

According to Breitbart, the lay-offs — one of quite a few Mondelēz International has made within the past year — was inspired by “changing customer interests in pre-packaged foods, rising U.S. costs, and cheaper foreign labor costs”:

Mondelez expects to generate up to $46 million in annual savings by investing in four state-of-the-art production lines in its recently opened Salinas, Mexico, plant.

The company is basically making up for the plethora of problems that plague its American facilities — minimum wage rules, high taxes and of course President Barack Obama’s lackluster economy — by outsourcing its Oreo manufacturing to foreigners who are willing to work for dirt cheap.

In short, the Oreo cookies we eat will now be manufactured far, far, far away from home, in the neighboring country of Mexico, all thanks to a president who cares more about pursuing his ideological agenda than he does about incentivizing America-friendly business practices.

Thanks Obama …