Obama’s Justice Department Discriminated Against Veterans Applying For Jobs

Barack Obama’s Justice Department discriminated against veterans by trying to force them to pull their applications for a job opening, a government watchdog claims.

There were two positions open at the International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program (ICITAP).

Under federal law, veterans should receive preferential consideration. But when veterans applied, the Justice Department officials had their eyes on two non-veterans and wanted the veteran applicants to drop out, The Washington Times is reporting.

When those veterans refused, Obama’s officials pulled the job opening, rewrote it in a way to specifically exclude veterans and re-posted it, the U.S. Office of Special Counsel said. The whole process was illegal:

“OSC found hiring violations for two positions at DOJ where officials sought to encourage preference eligible veterans to withdraw their applications,” the watchdog agency said. “DOJ wanted to hire a non-veteran candidate. When the veterans declined to withdraw, DOJ selected the non-veteran candidate, despite rules mandating that veterans receive priority in hiring over non-veterans in certain circumstances.”

ICITAP officials insisted they didn’t try to “pressure” the veterans to withdraw their applications, merely explained why the should.

OSC Investigators said that was wrong as well.

The OSC demanded officials be disciplined for the lapses, and recommended new training for Justice Department staff to be aware of their obligations. The agency said the department accepted the recommendations.