Ohio Governor Candidate: “I’ve Been With 50 Very Attractive Females”

Bill O’Neil, an Ohio Supreme Court Justice and Democratic candidate for governor, made an absurd confession on Twitter to seemingly defend Senator Al Franken amid allegations of sexual assault.

This gets weird.

Speaking “on behalf of all heterosexual males,” O’Neil claims to have been “sexually intimate with approximately 50 very attractive females.”

He made his disclosure, he says, to save his opponents “some research time.”

O’Neil goes on to describe, at length, who he’s been intimate with, and where. He says he made love with “a gorgeous personal secretary” in her parents’ barn’s hayloft and a “gorgeous red head” senior adviser.

Besides publicly announcing private details of former lovers, O’Neil’s Tweet concludes by saying he’s “sooooo disappointed” with what he calls a “feeding frenzy about sexual indiscretions.”

The Washington Examiner reports:

After sharing these personal details, he added that he is “disappointed” by the sexual assault allegations in the news cycle right now and hopes Ohio could discuss issues such as legalizing marijuana and the opioid epidemic. The Facebook statement has undergone several edits since it was posted.

The Dayton Daily News reached out to O’Neill to ask whether he made the post or if his account was hacked, to which he responded, “I did post it and I stand by it.”

A woman recently came forward to claim that Franken sexually harassed her and took a photo of himself groping her while she slept during an USO tour overseas. We reported on it here.

Unless O’Neil’s relationships weren’t consensual, his weird public disclosure has little to do with Senator Franken. O’Neil’s understanding of what a relationship is skewed if he thinks what Franken did was a an act of love.

Nevertheless, he stands by what he said. Apparently, legalizing marijuana is more important to Franken than both his own privacy and sparing the public from it.