One Day After These Teens Got Married, The UNTHINKABLE Happened…

True love finds people at different times in their lives, which was the case with two teens from completely different parts of the world.

That’s just what happened with Austin Wesson from South Africa and Rebekah Bouma from Kansas. Both were on a Christian mission in South Africa when they met.

Believers Portal explains how fast their love blossomed:

Within a few months, Wesson had asked Bouma’s father via Face Time for permission to date her and the two were quickly in love and ready for marriage. It wasn’t long before they announced their engagement and made plans for a small, civil ceremony to seal their love. While it all happened quickly, both parents believed their relationship was the “real thing” and thus gave the marriage their blessing.

They didn’t let the distance stop their romance and decided to get married and seal the deal. They were married on August 4th in a courthouse in Kansas and planned to have a big celebration later with friends and family.

Just one day later, the couple was in a horrible car accident. Wesson was pronounced dead on the scene while Bouma was rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

Her mother announced her death not long afterwards in a Facebook post:

Their families are obviously devastated and a friend has even set up a GoFundMe account to help:

my sweet friend was just in a horrific accident that took the life of her new husband, Austin. Austin and Bekah just got married Friday, meaning they were only husband and wife for about 24 hours before Austin was taken Home to Jesus. bekah is in critical condition and fighting for her life. with many of us being across the country or globe from her, i thought one way to help bless families involved would be the raise money for all the costs that are going to be appearing in the coming days. Austin is South African, so his family is in the process of making their way to the states. the coming days are going to be tragic and hard, we don’t want money to distract or take away from everything going on. to God be the glory in all of this, just like Rebekah and Austin would want. “out of ashes, beauty will rise.”

Many are expressing their heartfelt sadness and love for the couple and their family on social media. Most believe it was true love and at least they found that before the horrible tragedy struck. From Believers Portal:

Though Wesson and Bouma’s story ends in tragedy, it’s beautiful to know that they are spending eternity together in heaven after so recently pledging their lives together as one before the Lord.

Both families have put out heartbreaking obituaries for their young children:

Austin was without a doubt a people person.  He enjoyed meeting new people and was always doing things for others.  He had a HUGE heart and gave the best hugs. At GCEX he met the love of his life Rebekah. We fell in love with her within minutes and agreed that we could not have chosen anyone better and knew that this relationship was of God. Never before have we seen two young people who put Jesus first and themselves second.

It was in Jeffreys Bay on the Eastern Cape, South Africa that she met the love of her life, Austin, who was doing mission work with Global Challenge Expeditions. So many people around the world have been touched by Rebekah and Austin both individually and as a couple. Their love for Jesus was first in their lives and they desired to continue to do missions together after attending school in Michigan.