With One Fact James Woods Eviscerates Democrats Screaming About The NRA

Conservative Hollywood actor James Woods packs more punch with a single Twitter account than a lot of politicos manage with an entire super PAC. This week, he set his sights on opportunistic leftists exploiting the weekend’s tragic shooting in a Texas church to smear the National Rifle Association.

American News 24/7 reports that leftist demagogues such as MSNBC talking head Joy Reid have been doubling down on the cliched refrain to ever mass shooting that Second Amendment defenders in general and the NRA in particular deserve a share of the blame for murders committed with firearms, for reasons that are never quite made clear:

Well, Woods was having none of it:

Bingo. American News 24/7’s Warner Todd Huston adds:

Indeed, with all the mass shootings we’ve seen in the last few decades, not one of the killers was revealed as an NRA member. Indeed, few of them were even center-right politically. Most have been extremist liberals, socialists, outcasts and mental patients, not conservative Republicans who belong to the NRA.

The NRA’s Executive Director, Chris Cox, made a similar comment recently, noting that NRA members are some of the most law-abiding groups of people in America today.

According to CNS News, Cox appeared on Fox News in October after the mass shooting at a country music concert in Las Vegas.

“But the truth is,” Cox said of the victims of the Vegas shooter, “there were NRA members at that concert. There were NRA members shot at that concert, and NRA members murdered at that concert. So the American people are looking for answers, and so are we.”

In fact, as TFPP has previously reported, one of the heroes of the story, Stephen Willeford, is associated with the very organization the Left is demonizing:

He was in his home next door to the church when his daughter came into the bedroom and told him there were gunshots coming from the First Baptist Church Sunday morning.

A plumber, and former NRA instructor, got his rifle out of his safe while his daughter looked out the window. She said she saw a man in tactical gear shooting up the church […]

He loaded his rifle and ran across the street – not taking the time to put his shoes on. When Willeford saw the man, he fired at him.

“He saw me and I saw him,” Willeford said. “I was standing behind a pickup truck for cover.”

“I know I hit him,” Willeford said. “He got into his vehicle, and he fired another couple rounds through his side window. When the window dropped, I fired another round at him again.”

Willeford is a marksman – what years of training, practice and being an NRA firearms instructor will do – he shot the gunman in the seam between his tactical vest, where he was most vulnerable.

Make no mistake: Willeford prevented the shooter from escaping to potentially kill anyone else somewhere else.

Liberals don’t have any direct NRA culpability in any murders. Nor do they have credible evidence that the NRA is indirectly responsible by opposing laws that would have actually saved lives (we now know that the Air Force failed to transfer the information that could have potentially kept a gun out of the hands of this particular shooter).

All the Left has, as always, is their hate.