One State Just LOWERED The Minimum Wage, And Results Were MIND-BLOWING!

Unions, left-wing activists and Democrats have been demanding minimum wage increases across the country. They claim it will ‘help workers,’ but in reality they are clueless about workers, economics, or the real effects of minimum wage mandates.

One state actually fought back and WON! Last November, the cretins in the Maine Legislature voted to pass a minimum wage for restaurant workers. Remember, these people make their actual cash off of tips – good service means the bigger the tips which means more money.

The legislature created some hair-brained scheme to raise the wage of restaurant workers and if they didn’t make as much as the minimum wage then their employers would have to make up the difference. It was truly one of the dumbest ideas regarding minimum wage mandates yet.

Well, Maine restaurant workers fought back and the law has now been reversed, as Fox News reports:

Last November, the Maine State Legislature voted to raise the minimum wage for restaurant servers. Then in mid-June, they voted to lower it back down.

And lots of Maine’s restaurant workers were thrilled.

As the Washington Post reports, servers were worried about the ramifications of the new laws for two reasons: first, that it would force employers to raise prices on their menu items, which could affect their current tips; and second, and perhaps more importantly, that employers might be forced to cut servers’ shifts as a result.

“I don’t need to be ‘saved,’ and I’ll be damned if small groups of uninformed people are voting on my livelihood,” said Sue Vallenza, a Maine bartender who spoke to the Post. Vallenza further said she’s already seeing less in tips as a result of customers who believe the wage hike had already went into effect.

This is absolutely BRIILIANT!!! Vallenza stated it perfectly; workers do not need to be “saved.” But these unions and politicians who push for these mandates actually have no clue what it’s like to actually work in these positions.

Unions hope to get more suckers to unionize and Democrats just do what unions tell them. It’s embarrassing.