Only Got $100? Here Are The States You Want To Live In, And the Ones You Want to Avoid

Let’s say you had $100. Just a hundred bucks, and you needed to stretch that C-note as far as possible. Where in the US would you spend it?

Because the cost of living can vary wildly, $100 can be worth a lot less or a lot more, depending on which state you live in. In high-cost areas, usually run by Democrats, your money doesn’t go nearly as far as it should.

For example, in the District of Columbia, that $100 is only worth $84.96 relative to the national average. Hawaii and New York were close seconds at about $86 each. Also tops on the list where your $100 ain’t worth what it should be? New Jersey and California.

Contrast that with conservative states where the cost of living real estate and taxes are considerably lower.

In Mississippi, for example, that $100 is worth a relative $115.21. In Arkansas, it’s worth $114.29. South Dakota, Alabama and West Virginia round out the top five where your money goes further.

spend 100 dollars map

If you look at the map, one thing is clear – in the middle of the country – and in “red” America, the lower-cost of living “red” parts are almost exclusively run by Republicans. And the more yellow, the more expensive it is. Ironically, it seems the more liberal it is too.

There are exceptions, of course. Alaska is very conservative, but it’s expensive to live up there, and New Mexico has turned “blue,” but it’s still cheap. Although I’m sure that will change pretty soon.

H/T: Business Insider