Oops! Chris Matthews Said Hitler ‘Didn’t Use Chemical Weapons’ Too

The mainstream media went absolutely nuts that White House Press Secretary made an idiotic remark that Adolf Hitler didn’t use chemical weapons.

He’s spent the last two days explaining himself and apologizing profusely for it.

Of course, what people don’t remember is that four short years ago, MSNBC host Chris Matthews said exactly the same thing…and we didn’t hear days and days of mea culpas.

It was in August 2013 on the leftist news channel’s unwatchable “Morning Joe” program. Matthews was unhappy with Barack Obama’s “red line” policy on Syria and made an offhand comment that Hitler “didn’t use chemical weapons.” Have a look:

“We didn’t use [chemical weapons] in World War II, Hitler didn’t use them,” Matthews said at the time. “But we don’t use chemical weapons. That’s no deal.”

Matthews was critical of Obama for not acting on his “red line” threat.

In his defense, Matthews did defend Spicer after his Tuesday comment. He said that Trump’s press secretary was clearly talking about the fact that Hitler “didn’t resort to [chemical weapons] in the battlefield” (emphasis added).

Which is probably true.

The fact is, bringing Hitler or the Holocaust into any debate is probably a dumb idea.

It goes to show that dumb knows no party lines.

H/T: The Daily Caller