Oops! Solar Panels Do More Harm Than Good To The Environment


Boy, this is going to give the Left fits.

It turns out that solar power doesn’t help offset increased global warming caused by fossil fuels – if anything, it’s making it worse.

The net impact of these panels have actually increased the carbon dioxide emissions in the air because of the energy used in their construction.

A study that spanned researching 40 years of solar panel construction determined that on the whole, it takes decades to reach a “net emissions reduction” based on how much they cost to construct – far longer than their usable lifespan.

Even worse, the current generation of solar panels would take years to offset the carbon produced in their construction.

The study concluded that the solar industry has been “a temporary net emitter of greenhouse gas emissions” and more modern solar panels have a smaller adverse environmental impact than older models. Scientists estimated that by 2018 at the latest, all new solar panels will have a net positive environmental impact.

Fossil fuel lobbyists did a quick told-you-so.

“Solar power has a number of inherent issues, namely that it’s unreliable and expensive,” Chris Warren, a spokesperson for the pro-industry Institute for Energy Research, told The Daily Caller News Foundation. ” If your goal is to reduce CO2, then adding more solar power can actually hurt your cause. Not to mention it makes electricity more expensive for consumers.”

Already, carbon dioxide emissions have fallen by 12 percent from their high in 2005. There was a 2.6 percent drop in 2015 and an expected 1.7 percent drop this year.

The primary reason for the drop in emissions is increased fracking – not more solar or wind power. Fracking for natural gas is cheaper than coal in many locations. More than two thirds of the drop in carbon dioxide emissions can be attributed to fracking, the U.S. Energy Information Administration reports.

Research published by The Manhattan Institute shows solar power is responsible for 1 percent of the decline in American CO2 emissions, while natural gas is responsible for nearly 20 percent. For every ton of CO2 cut by solar power, fracking cuts 13 tons.

Some environmental groups already oppose the solar project due to other environmental impacts. The Center For Biological Diversity (CBD) has pursued legal action to block the creation of solar-farms out of fear that they would encroach on 32 endangered desert tortoises and that sunlight-concentrating panels act like super-heated death-rays for birds, killing tens of thousands of them per year.